Your question: What do Capulet and Paris decide?

Lord Capulet, worried by his daughter’s frantic grief over her cousin’s death, decides that marriage might help her recover. He decides that Juliet and Paris should be married later that week. … He tells her that she can either obey him and marry his friend Paris, or that she can leave his house and live in the streets.

What do Lord Capulet and Paris decide?

Lord Capulet decides to let Paris marry Juliet.

What is arranged between Lord Capulet and Paris and when will it happen?

Juliet’s father, Lord Capulet, actually arranges for Count Paris to meet Juliet twice. First, in Act I, he encourages Paris to see Juliet at the party Capulet is giving, and in Act III, after he has decided the two should be married he tells Paris to come to Capulet’s on the day of the wedding.

What does Paris say about this decision?

Paris specifically tells Friar Lawrence, “Now, sir, her father counts it dangerous / That she do give her sorrow so much sway, / And in his wisdom hastes our marriage / To stop the inundation of her tears—” (Shakespeare, 4.1.

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Why does Lord Capulet change his mind about Paris?

In Act III, Capulet does not exactly express a clear reason for his sudden change of heart. It seems, however, that he decides Juliet should marry Paris immediately because the family is so grief-stricken in the aftermath of Tybalt’s death that he feels they need a joyous event to lift their hearts.

What assurance does Lord Capulet give Paris?

Lord Capulet assures Paris that Juliet will go along with his wishes—that is, he assures Paris that Juliet will agree to the marriage. Lord Capulet does not want to give the impression that the family doesn’t care about Tybalt’s death.

How does Capulet’s behavior with Paris in this scene compared to his behavior in Act 1 Scene 2?

In Act 1, Scene two, Lord Capulet tells Paris to wait two more years before he starts to think about marrying Juliet. Capulet goes on to tell Paris that his permission is only part of her decision. … Instead of respecting Juliet’s choice and trusting her decision, Lord Capulet becomes forceful and insensitive.

What are two reasons that Lord Capulet hesitates to give his permission to Paris?

Paris visits Lord Capulet to ask his permission to marry Juliet. Capulet hesitates to give Paris permission because he feels that Juliet is still too young to get married. He also thinks that it is not necessarily a good thing for a woman to become a mother too soon.

Why does Capulet agree now to let Paris marry Juliet?

Why does Lord Capulet agree to let Paris marry Juliet? He wants to make Juliet happy. At the beginning of scene 5, Juliet insists, “It was the nightingale, and not the lark/That pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear.” Why do Romeo and Juliet argue over the identity of the bird?

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