Your question: How do you say the 12 months of the year in French?

What are the 12 months of the year in French?

The names of the months in French are “janvier” ‘January’, “février” ‘February’, “mars” ‘March’, “avril” ‘April’, “mai” ‘May’, “juin” ‘June’, “juillet” ‘July’, “août” ‘August’, “septembre” ‘September’, “octobre” ‘October’, “novembre” ‘November’ and “décembre” ‘December’.

How do you read months in French?

Les Mois- Pronunciation

  1. janvier (zhan-vee-ay) – January.
  2. février (feh-vree-ay) – February.
  3. mars (mahrs) – March.
  4. avril (ah-vreel) – April.
  5. mai (may) – May.
  6. juin (zhuahn ) – June.
  7. juillet (zhui-ay) – July.
  8. août (oot) – August.

How do you say 12 months in Lithuanian?

Twelve months of the year in Lithuanian (“Stories of the Words”)

  1. Sausis – January – literally meaning dry. …
  2. Vasaris – February – literally meaning summer-like. …
  3. Kovas – March – named after the bird rook. …
  4. Balandis – April – named after the bird pigeon. …
  5. Gegužė – May – named after the bird Cuckoo.

How do you say 7 months in French?

▾ Dictionary English-French

  1. seven num — sept num.
  2. months pl — mois pl m.
  3. month n — mois m.

Is October the 11th month?

October is the tenth month in the Gregorian calendar and has 31 days.

What order are the months in?

The names of the 12 months in order are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

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