Your question: How do I claim compensation from Air France?

How do I make an Air France claim?

If you wish to get in touch with Air France/KLM regarding a reimbursement request, a compensation claim or with any other inquiry, please contact the local Air France/KLM Customer Care office, preferably by e-mail. Contact details can be found at or .

How long does an Air France refund take?

Air France can typically take up to several weeks to process a refund request.

How do I contact Air France?

You can contact our agents by phone at 888 572-7447/ 888-5SAPHIR or by email at

Can I get compensation for delayed luggage?

That means you’re entitled to around $1,600 maximum for a delayed bag. … Whether it’s a domestic or international flight, always claim your bag as missing before you leave the airport, as waiting to do this can sometimes nullify your rights to reimbursement. And make sure to keep your receipts.

Is Air France issuing refunds?

Refunds are available on tickets purchased before February 1, 2022, up to the departure of your first flight, for all travel on or before June 30, 2022. If the fare conditions of your ticket do not allow for a refund, you will receive a voucher with a one-year validity.

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Are Air France giving refunds?

“Since the beginning of this crisis, Air France and KLM have issued refundable vouchers as a commercial response to massive flight cancellations,” the carrier continued. … “These vouchers can be reimbursed after 12 months if they have not been (fully) used.”

How do I get a refund from Air France voucher?

To receive your travel voucher or refund as quick as possible, you can make your request in the My Bookings section of our website:

  1. Request a travel voucher or refund. If a refund is not available to you in the My Bookings section of our website, …
  2. Complete refund request form. …
  3. Request the refund of a travel voucher.

Does Air France have WhatsAPP?

Air France & WhatsAPP

Now you can get in touch with Air France on WhatsApp! Customer support is available in English 24/7.

How do I contact Air France from India?

Air France Contact Center

  1. To purchase your ticket by telephone, please call: Telephone numbers. 1800 4192 033 (All India Toll Free) …
  2. Opening hours. Monday – Friday. 08:00 – 20:00.
  3. Saturday ,Sunday and Public Holidays. 09:00 – 17:00.
  4. Public Holiday. 1-Jan. Friday. …
  5. Closed: 29th March – Holi. 04th November – Diwali.

Does Air France allow name changes?

Air France allows a free change of passenger name (i.e., name correction) at least 72 hours before departure on partner airline flights, subject to the partner airline’s approval. For name corrections on Award tickets, you must contact the Flying Blue Service Center.