Your question: Are brands masculine or feminine in French?

The general rule is that a brand take the gender of the generic name of its product. Because une bière is feminine, we can expect the vast majority of beer brands to be so too. This is true even if the brand name is formed around a masculine noun: for example une Piedbœuf (lit.

Is bière masculine or feminine?

The gender of bière is feminine. E.g. la bière.

Is voiture masculine or feminine?

Others are always feminine, like une voiture (a car), une maison (a house), and une école (a school). And some words are the tricksters of the bunch, taking on different meanings with different genders, like livre, which is a book when masculine but a pound when feminine!

Is bag masculine or feminine in French?

The word for ‘bag’ in French is sac. Like almost all other French nouns, it has a gender, meaning that it is classified as either masculine or feminine.

Is Cafe masculine or feminine?

The word café is a masculine noun. Be sure to use masculine articles and adjectives with it.

Is Beurre masculine or feminine in French?

le beurre (bur) noun, masculine

Please jump right in and share your butter/”beurre” terms and expressions here.

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Why is pizza feminine?

Gender in French is etymological. Pizza is feminine because it is in Italian, and also, we “feel” that.

Is Salon masculine or feminine in French?

French Nouns ending in “on” are masculine, as in le salon (the sitting room), le poisson (the fish), le garçon (the boy), le pantalon (the trousers). Watch out! A very common exception is la maison (the house).

Is Fleur masculine or feminine in French?

Fleur is a feminine given name originated in France, eventually used in English speaking countries and other languages. It means “flower” in French.

Is Pie masculine or feminine?

pie noun, masculine (plural: pies m)

The ankle is the joint that connects the leg to the foot.

Is Littérature masculine or feminine?

The word for literature in French is a feminine noun. In French it is spelled littérature.

Is telephone in French masculine or feminine?

téléphones {masculine plural}

Is Table masculine or feminine in French?

a book in French is masculine, un livre. a table is feminine, une table.