You asked: Which major rivers were explored by the French?

Lawrence and Mississippi River regions: JACQUES CARTIER explored the northeast part of the continent intending to find the elusive passage to the Orient. Sailing west of Newfoundland he “discovered” the St. Lawrence River and explored the region in three voyages between 1535 and 1541.

What Rivers did the French explore?

In the 1600s the French explored along water routes (such as the Fox and Wisconsin rivers) connecting the Great Lakes with the Mississippi River. They built forts, missions, and trading posts along the strategic routes, long used by native peoples for trade.

Which major rivers were first explored by the French?

French navigator Jacques Cartier becomes the first European explorer to encounter the St. Lawrence River in present-day Quebec, Canada.

What river was explored by the French and Spanish?

Hernando de Soto. A member of his expedition in 1541 recorded the first known description of the Mississippi. The Spanish were the first Europeans to explore the Mississippi River’s southern reaches between the Gulf of Mexico and the Arkansas River.

Where did the French explore?

Although France did not establish permanent settlements in the territory that became the United States, French explorers extended the frontiers around the Great Lakes (a chain of five lakes along the border of present-day Canada and the United States), along the Mississippi River valley, and around the Gulf of Mexico.

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What French explorers explored the Great Lakes?

THIS is the order in which the Great Lakes were discovered by the French explorers: Huron in 1615, by Le Caron, the Recollect friar, and by Champlain, one of the greatest navigators in New France; Ontario, during the same year, by Champlain; Superior, about 1629, by Etienne Brule; Michigan, in 1634, by Jean Nicolet; …

Who explored the New World for France?

In 1534, navigator Jacques Cartier claimed northern North America for France, naming the area around the St. Lawrence River New France.

When did Jacques Cartier find St Lawrence River?

French navigator Jacques Cartier sailed into the St. Lawrence River for the first time on June 9, 1534. Commissioned by King Francis I of France to explore the northern lands in search of gold, spices, and a northern passage to Asia, Cartier’s voyages underlay France’s claims to Canada.

Who explored Quebec?

Samuel de Champlain, (born 1567?, Brouage, France—died December 25, 1635, Quebec, New France [now in Canada]), French explorer, acknowledged founder of the city of Quebec (1608), and consolidator of the French colonies in the New World.

Which French explorer discovered the Mississippi River?

René-Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle, (born November 22, 1643, Rouen, France—died March 19, 1687, near Brazos River [now in Texas, U.S.]), French explorer in North America who led an expedition down the Illinois and Mississippi rivers and claimed all the region watered by the Mississippi and its tributaries for …

What river was explored by Lewis and Clark?

On May 14, 1804, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and their group of 40 men, collectively known as the Corps of Discovery, launched their pirogues and keelboat onto the Missouri River at its mouth, some 18 miles from the young town of St. Louis.

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When did the French explore the Mississippi River?

In 1673, the French became the first Europeans to reach the upper Mississippi River when fur trader Louis Joliet and his party, including Father James Marquette, made an epic journey from French Canada.