You asked: What was the condition of peasants before French Revolution?

What were the conditions of the peasants before the French Revolution?

Peasants suffered under the burden of higher taxes during theFrench Revolution. Peasants suffered social, economic,and politicalinequalities. Peasants suffered from out-of-date feudal dues thatwere being collected with renewed vigor, leading up to theRevolution.

What was the condition of peasants?

The peasantry mainly lived in the countryside on farms. 2. King Louis taxed them exorbitantly. 3.No sort of public education existed at he time, and most peasants faced a lifetime of difficult conditions without salvation.

What was the condition of peasants during the old regime in France?

During this regime, all the people of France were considered just as subjects of the King. Most of the people of France were peasants during this period and their life style was considered as a struggling life style. They had used to move from village to village for better economical life style.

What were the conditions of eighteenth century French peasants Class 9?

The condition of the peasants of the Third Estate in the French society was very poor. During the Old Regime, peasants made up 90% of the population and had less than 40% of the land. The Third Estate had to pay taxes levied by the state and the church.

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