You asked: What is the feminine form of engineer in French?

Is engineer feminine or masculine in French?

Ingénieur (engineer), for example, had no feminine form, so, respecting French morphology, we get une ingénieure. Or we get une professeure from un professeur (professor) as well as une auteure from un auteur (author).

Is engineer a French word?

The French word for engineer is

E.g. un ingénieur.

What is the French word for feminine?

feminine → féminine, féminin.

Translation Matrix for feminine:

Noun Related Translations Other Translations
féminin feminine effeminate; unmanly; womanish

What is the meaning of Ingenieur?

noun. engineer [noun] a person who designs, makes, or works with, machinery. an electrical engineer.

Is Doctor in French masculine or feminine?

As with médecin, docteur is a masculine noun, even if the doctor in question is female, so use le docteur even when talking about a woman.

What is software engineering in French?

noun. ingénieur-conseil m en informatique.

What does engineer mean in Latin?

The word engineer (Latin ingeniator) is derived from the Latin words ingeniare (“to create, generate, contrive, devise”) and ingenium (“cleverness”).

Is France Good for engineering?

Engineering sciences are an area of excellence in France’s higher education system. Today more than 800,000 engineers are working in a wide range of different industries, such as civil engineering, IT, aeronautics, agronomics, electronics, transport, health, energy, artificial intelligence or defence.

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Is lawyer masculine or feminine in French?

The French word for lawyer is

E.g. un avocat. The feminine form is une avocate.

Why is pizza feminine?

Gender in French is etymological. Pizza is feminine because it is in Italian, and also, we “feel” that.

What is the meaning of Avocat?

Noun. avocat (plural avocats) An advocate, a lawyer.

What is the meaning of IR in engineering?

Engineers in Malaysia bear the title Ir., which stands for ingenieur, derived from the Latin words for “to contrive” and “cleverness.” To gain that status in this complex field, you need to complete your education, register as a new engineer, complete three years of professional experience and pass an examination …