You asked: Is fois masculine or feminine in French?

Is fois feminine or masculine in French?

“Fois” is used to refer to one or several instances of an event. It is feminine and can be used in the singular or plural.

What is the meaning of fois?

The Freight Operations Information System (FOIS) was the first project which CRIS embarked upon. … FOIS began as an application to track and monitor the movement of wagons, locomotives and unit trains.

What is the plural of fois in French?

fois f (plural fois) time, an instance of something happening; a repetition. (arithmetic) times, multiplied by.

Is heure male or female?

The phrase ‘what time is it?’ is formed with the French question word quelle, the feminine form for ‘what’ because the noun for ‘hour’ is feminine (heure), and this noun is used in the question.

What is the difference between celui and Celle?

The demonstrative pronoun has four main forms: masculine singular: celui. feminine singular: celle. … feminine plural: celles.

How do you use celui de?

The French demonstrative pronouns are celui/ceux in the masculine and celle/celles in the feminine. If the noun does not appear explicitly in the sentence, we use a demonstrative pronoun in its place to single it out from a group. Example: Je parle de celui du milieu.

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What does the word par mean in French?

The French preposition par means “through,” “by,” or “per” in English. It is used to indicate the manner in which something is done, the reason behind an event, the direction something moves, or the amount of something per some unit of measurement.

What does FOI stand for in aviation?


Acronym Definition
FOI Fakultet Organizacije I Informatike-Varazdin
FOI Flying Operations Inspector (Australia and Tanzania)
FOI Fachoberinspektor (Austria)
FOI Field Operations Intelligence

Is temps plural in French?

noun, plural temps [French tahn].