You asked: Is Cheddar popular in France?

But the rise of cheddar is arguably best exemplified by the success of Cathedral City, made by Dairy Crest and recently voted one of Britain’s favourite brands, which entered the French market five years ago and now sells about a quarter of a million packets every year. Sales in France are up steadily 5% year on year.

What cheese is most eaten in France?

Emmental. Also known as “Swiss cheese” is a yellow, medium-hard cheese that comes from Swiss. It has a savory but mild taste. It is the most consumed cheese in France.

Is Cheddar cheese popular in Europe?

With input from our hubs around Europe YouGov created a shortlist of 27 cheeses. In Britain, cheddar wins by a greater margin than any other cheese in the other countries polled. 64% say it’s one of their favourite cheeses (up to three could be chosen), while red leicester (20%) and brie (19%) trail behind.

What is the French equivalent of cheddar cheese?

Cantal. Cantal is a French cheese that is often likened to cheddar and can be found in two varieties: either made with pasteurized milk (Cantal Laitier) or with raw milk (Cantal Fermier).

Why is France known for cheese?

It is thought that the Romans introduced the first cheeses into France. It was the French monasteries that began to perfect the delicious tradition of French cheese. These monks were meticulous in creating these cheeses and their experimentation is where we came up with the numerous varieties that we have today.

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Which cheese originated in France?

Protected designation of origin

Cheese Year designated appellation Producing region
Cancoillotte n/a Franche-Comté
Cantal, Fourme de Cantal 1956 Auvergne
Camembert de Normandie 1983 Normandy
Cazelle de Saint Affrique n/a Midi-Pyrénées, Aveyron Department