You asked: How long is service in the French Foreign Legion?

At the end of this first contract, the legionary can choose to continue his career by means of successive contracts whose duration varies between 6 months and 5 years. By serving with determination and according to aptitudes, a management career can be offered to you from 3 years of service!

Can you leave the French Foreign Legion?

yes. After selection to Rouge(accepted volunteers) you are signing pre-contrat for 4 months-Basic-which can be prolonged to one year by “authorité militaire ”. Before this you can leave anytime,just ask for it.

Can you pick your job in the French Foreign Legion?

Not for your first five year contract. You go where the Legion tells you to. After that first term of service you will be able to seek training and opportunities within the Legion.

How much does a French Legionnaire get paid?

Their starting pay is roughly $1450 per month for at least the first couple of years in. That’s a pretty small paycheck compared to the lowest-ranking U.S. Army soldier making $1546, which is guaranteed to go up to $1733 after being automatically promoted six months later (if they don’t get in trouble of course).

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Is it hard to get into the French Foreign Legion?

Every day, several dozen men hoping to enlist arrive in Aubagne and in other recruitment centers throughout France, officers say. The selection process is notoriously harsh, and only one in nine candidates will ever don the Legion’s trademark white kepi. Applicants must be between 17 and 40 years old.

What happens if you desert the French Foreign Legion?

If caught you ll be subjected to 2000€ fee to up to 3 years in jail depending of the situation, and of course all those territories are going to be of limit for you for the test of your life!

Do you get a pension in the French Foreign Legion?

If you end up serving at least 15 years, you can retire with a pension. Yes. You can renew for another five year term if you wish. Some make the Foreign Legion their home and remain with them so long as they pass routine physicals.

Can you join the French Foreign Legion without speaking French?

1. Q: Do I need to speak French to join the French Foreign Legion? A: No. In fact, the vast majority of candidates do not speak French.

Do French Foreign Legion get French citizenship?

Yes. A foreign legionnaire can apply for French nationality after three years of service. … This is generally granted, subject to having a good way of serving and having proven its willingness to integrate into the French Nation.

Are French Foreign Legion Special Forces?

The French Foreign Legion aren’t special forces, per se, but they maybe more closely align with U.S. Army Rangers. We are a first-reaction type force that will go in and take over an airport, for example.

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Does the French Foreign Legion accept females?

The French Foreign Legion or La Legion Etrangere is one of the world’s elite military forces; it currently has roughly 1,800 members, and all of them are men. Since its foundation in 1831 by King Louise-Philippe, only one woman has ever been allowed in. … Women would mean the end of the Legion.

Why does the French Foreign Legion change your name?

EVERY Legion recruit receives a new name once they complete the “psychotechnic” testing portion of selection (the first thing you do, basic mathematics and reasoning problems in your native language). You keep three things about your identity. Your initials, your birth year, and (usually) your country of origin.

Does the French Foreign Legion give you a new identity?

With their old identities set aside, recruits join the legion under a declared identity — a new name that they use during their first year of service.

What do you eat in the French Foreign Legion?

French Army ration packs when in the field/combat. Contracted fresh food supplied in garrison, either local or shipped in. Fresh bread when available; cheeses; wine ration. I remember a lot of stews and casserole type main entrees in garrison.