You asked: How do you say pub in French?

What do the French call a pub?


From To Via
• pub → aubergetaverne ↔ Beiz
• pub → brasserie ↔ Bierlokal
• pub → brasserie ↔ Bierstube
• pub → bistrobistrot ↔ Kneipe

Is pub a French word?

Translation of pub – French–English dictionary

public house [noun] (etc) a house where alcoholic drinks are sold to the public.

Is Pub masculine or feminine in French?

pub {masculine}

alehouse {noun} [coll.]

What is pub in Spanish?

More Spanish words for pub. el pub noun. public house. las taberna noun. tavern, inn, saloon, public house, taproom.

What is a German pub called?

The term Kneipe typically refers to a pub that does not serve hot food, which is the predominant rule for pubs in German-speaking Europe. Pubs that do serve hot food are more likely to be referred to as Wirtschaft or Lokal, although they may also be called Kneipe.

What does PIB stand for Spanish?

PIB m (plural PIB) (economics) Acronym of producto interior bruto or producto interno bruto (“GDP (gross domestic product)”).

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