You asked: How do you say I like jazz in French?

How do you say jazz music in French?

Similar translations

  1. musique de scène.
  2. musique de film.

What is I like music in French?

In France, we rather say : “J’aime la musique”. But when it is passionate, you can also say : “J’adore la musique” or in a more familiar way : “Je kiffe la musique”. “Kiffer” in French is like “aimer”.

How do you say I like rap in French?

Translation of “you like rap music” in French

J’ignore si vous aimez le rap, mais…

What is I like listening to music in French?

Member. J’aime / j’adore écouter (de la) musique.

How do you say we like chocolate in French?

‘J’aime le chocolat’ but ‘Je mange du chocolat. ‘ to like = aimer, to want = vouloir, to have = avoir.

Who said do you like jazz?

1 Hour of Barry Benson saying “Ya Like Jazz?” For all Enquires please email – I do not own this clip.

Why Bee Movie is a meme?

According to the meme expert Anthony Fantano –– more famously known as The Needle Drop –– the “Bee Movie” meme is “disoriented, mind altering and almost psychedelic, in a way.” Despite there being no original content, some amount of creativity is still needed to produce these mashups.

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What does jazz mean in Japanese?

ジャズダンス {noun} dance.

What is rap music in French?

rap music {noun} FR. volume_up. musique rap.