You asked: Does 21 in French have hyphens?

The French numbers 20 through 59 are formed just like their English equivalents: the tens word (vingt, trente, quarante, cinquante) is joined by a hyphen to the ones word (un, deux, trois, etc). There is one difference: for 21, 31, 41, and 51, the word et (and) is required between the tens word and un, without hyphens.

Are numbers in French hyphenated?

Counting from 20 to 69 in French

Note that French accepts both hyphens and no hyphens in numbers, so some people would write “vingt et un” for 21. To be consistent, I’m following the Rectifications orthographiques du français en 1990, which recommends putting a hyphen between each digit of a number.

How do you count to 21 in French?

Numbers in French: 21-69

The numbers 21, 31, 41, 51, and 61 join the numbers with the conjunction ”and” or et (ay) in French, as in vingt et un. The other numbers are joined by a hyphen, like in English. Twenty-two is vingt-deux, thirty-four is trente-quatre, and sixty-seven is soixante-sept.

Does Vingt et Un have hyphens?

The exception to this rule is if the number ends with a -1, such as vingt et un, trente et un, etc. It is the same as saying twenty and one, so don’t hyphenate.

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How do I write numbers in French?

French Numbers 1 to 100

  1. 0 — zero.
  2. 1 — un.
  3. 2 — deux.
  4. 3 — trois.
  5. 4 — quatre.
  6. 5 — cinq.
  7. 6 — six.
  8. 7 — sept.

What are the numbers 20 to 30 in French?

French Numbers: 20-59

20 vingt 30
21 vingt et un 31
22 vingt-deux 32
23 vingt-trois 33
24 vingt-quatre 34

How do you say 21 30 in French?

French vocabulary :: Numbers 21 through 30

  1. 21 Vingt et un.
  2. 22 Vingt-deux.
  3. 23 Vingt-trois.
  4. 24 Vingt-quatre.
  5. 25 Vingt-cinq.
  6. 26 Vingt-six.
  7. 27 Vingt-sept.
  8. 28 Vingt-huit.

How do you write 22 in French?

In today’s post, you will learn how to rank in French—the same way they do it in the Olympics, for example.

The 1st Le premier if masculin, La première if féminin
20th vingtième
21st vingt et unième
22nd vingt-deuxième
23rd vingt-troisième

Do French use hyphens?

How to Use Hyphens and Dashes in French. Hyphens and m-dashes are important in both English and French, but they are considerably more common in the latter.

How do numbers work in French?

In most French-speaking countries, there is no word for 70, 80, and 90. Instead, for the numbers 70 to 79, combine the tens with the tens. … For numbers 90 to 99, combine the number 4, the number 20, and the tens. For example, 90 is four 20s plus 10, 91 is four 20s plus 11, and so forth.

How do you count in French?

Zéro, un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix.

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