Why does Lyons cling to music?

Lyon wants money. … Why does Lyons cling to his music even though it makes him little money? Music to Lyon is purpose to him.

Why does Lyons stop by the house?

Why did Lyons stop by Troy’s house? Rose didn’t want Troy to hand her money anymore, now she’d tell him to leave it on the table and she’s get it later. How did the money situation change in the house? What do we find out about Cory and school?

Why does Lyons come to the house?

What task does Lyons come to the house to do? Repay $20 he borrow from Troy.

What does Lyons tease Troy about in Act 1?

Lyons and Bono tease Troy because he does not know how to drive and he cannot read. Lyons surprises Troy by paying him back the ten dollars he borrowed from Troy two Fridays ago. Gabriel shows up at the house too and continues to talk about how he will be responsible for opening the gates to heaven on Judgment Day.

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How does Troy act toward Lyons?

Troy acts like he isn’t happy to see his son. He says that he thought Lyons would be in jail, since a place where Lyons plays music got raided by the police. Lyons says he was just playing music, not gambling. Rose tells Lyons he should have brought his lady friend Bonnie over.

Who is Lyons and why does he show up what does he do what else do we know about him?

Lyons, a son Troy had before he met Rose, shows up at the house as he has tended to do on many Fridays in the past because Lyons knows it is Troy’s payday. Lyons is a jazz musician. He asks Troy if he can borrow ten dollars.

Does Lyons go to jail?

Too narrowly focused on becoming a musician, Lyons has to resort to crime (cashing other peoples’ checks) in order to make ends meet. Following in his father’s footsteps, Lyons ends up in jail.

What does Lyons want to do for work?

For Lyons, making music is food for his soul, his reason for living. He will continue to follow his passion as long as it provides him with purpose.

How does Lyons offend his father?

How does Lyons offend his father? He downgrades his job of a garbage collector. What advice does Troy offer Lyons? He says Life don’t owe you nothing, you owe it to yourself.

What has CORY been lying about?

Troy tells Bono that he went down to the A&P and talked to Cory’s boss and that he knows Cory has been lying to him about getting his old job back. Lyons tells Troy that Cory is growing up and trying to fill his daddy’s shoes.

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Why is Lyons asking his father for money rather than Bonnie?

Lyons is Troy’s 34 year old son from an earlier marriag. His relationship with his father is not pleasant because, Lyons asks for money or $10, usually every friday because he can’t make it on his own. … Troy wants to make love to her and loves her so much that he’s run out of ways of loving her.

When Troy tells Lyons that Cory lied to him about working at the A&P Lyons says?

Cory feels hurt that his dad took away this amazing opportunity from him, but Troy is upset that Cory lied to him about the job. Cory tells his dad that Troy is just afraid Cory will turn out better than he did, which Troy says is a mistake. He tells Cory that it’s strike one, and he better not strike out.

How much money does Lyons ask to borrow from Troy when he stops by on payday?

Troy notes that he only comes to visit on paydays. Sure enough, Lyons asks to borrow $10 which he promises to pay back. Troy complains that his other son doesn’t have a bed and that he himself can’t get any credit.

What is the conflict between Troy and Lyons?

Troy believes Lyons optimism to be blindness and that difference in beliefs further wedges a gap between the son and father relationship. Troy’s distrust in society creates a barrier between his relationship with Lyons and pushes him away.