Why does Lyons cling to his music even though it makes him very little money?

Why does Lyons cling to his music even though it makes him little money? Music to Lyon is purpose to him. What “fences” exist between Lyons and Troy?

Why does Lyons cling to his music even though it makes him very little money *?

Why does Lyons cling to his music despite it making him very little money? To stop trying to live the “fast life”, but Lyons prefers his music career as he doesn’t want to deal with trash.

How does Troy act toward Lyons?

Troy acts like he isn’t happy to see his son. He says that he thought Lyons would be in jail, since a place where Lyons plays music got raided by the police. Lyons says he was just playing music, not gambling. Rose tells Lyons he should have brought his lady friend Bonnie over.

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Why does Lyons come to the house?

What task does Lyons come to the house to do? Repay $20 he borrow from Troy.

How long have Troy and Bono been friends what is their relationship like?

Troy and Bono met in prison and have been best friends for 30 years, Bono looks up to Troy.

Who is the man Troy calls the devil?

Who is the man whom Troy calls the devil? He calls white loanshark from the furniture company the devil.

Who is Lyons and why does he visit?

Lyons is a jazz musician. He asks Troy if he can borrow ten dollars. Troy continues his saga about Death, changing the times and situations in which he met Death and the Devil. This includes the time a door-to-door salesman that Troy claims is the Devil sold him a layaway plan to buy furniture.

What is Lyons attitude towards his father?

It is as if Lyons was doing away with all the reliance and dependence he had on his father. It is rather ironical that despite Lyons efforts to do away with his father, he turns out to be more like him since instead of achieving his dream of being a musician, he ends up in jail just like his father.

Why does Lyons want Troy to go see him play at the club?

Lyons enters the scene, and Troy is surprised to see him, since he thought Lyons had been jailed after reading that one of the clubs he frequents was raided for gambling. Lyons defends himself, saying that he doesn’t gamble, and that he only attends that club to play music with his band.

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What is Lyons job?

Lyons is an ambitious and talented jazz musician. He grew up without Troy for much of his childhood because Troy was in prison. Lyons, like most musicians, has a hard time making a living. For income, Lyons mostly depends on his girlfriend, Bonnie whom we never see on stage.

How would you describe Troy and Rose’s relationship in Act I?

Rose is Troy’s wife, and her relationship with troy is described by this: Rose is ten years younger than Troy, She recognizes Troy’s spirit as a fine and illuminating one and she either ignores or forgives his faults. She doesn’t drink and she is an essential presence in their friday night rituals.

How would you describe Lyons and Troy’s relationship?

Lyons is Troy’s son from a previous relationship. Troy had Lyons when he was still homeless and squatting in a shack by the river. Lyons’s mother moved on to another man while Troy was in prison, so Troy has never been much of a father to Lyons.

What has CORY been lying about?

Troy tells Bono that he went down to the A&P and talked to Cory’s boss and that he knows Cory has been lying to him about getting his old job back. Lyons tells Troy that Cory is growing up and trying to fill his daddy’s shoes.

What lesson does Troy teach Cory?

Troy is trying to teach Cory the responsibility of enjoying life when you’ve worked hard to earn it.

How old was Cory in Fences?

In Fences, Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) is a 53-year-old African-American man living in Pittsburgh in the 1950s. He lives with his wife, Rose (Viola Davis), and their 17-year-old son Cory (Jovan Adepo).

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What does raynell sing with Cory?

Raynell and Cory sing Troy’s blues song about the old dog named Blue which Troy’s father taught him originally. Gabriel shows up, having been released or having escaped from the mental hospital. He has his trumpet in hand. Gabriel announces that it is time to tell St. Peter to open the gates of heaven for Troy.