Why does French not have a word for 80?

In the Middle Ages, 80 in French was called quatre-vingt (80) (four twenty) because people used twenty as the base in their calculation (twenty-ten: 30, two-twenty: 40…). By the end of the Middle Ages, languages evolved and 80 was called octante.

Does French not have a word for 80?

French Numbers: 80-89

Likewise, there’s no word for “eighty” in standard French. * The French say quatre-vingts, literally four-twenties.

Why doesn’t French have a word for seventy?

It was in the seventeenth century that the French Academy first set about standardizing the language. Influenced by the writings of men like Vaugelas and Ménage, they adopted the decimal system for counting up to 60 and the vigesimal system from there to 100.

What is the number 80 in French?

Numbers in French: 70-100

Number In French Mathematical Equation
80 quatre-vingts 4 x 20
81 quatre-vingt-un 4 x 20 + 1
82 quatre-vingt-deux 4 x 20 + 2
83 quatre-vingt-trois 4 x 20 + 3

Why do French only count to 60?

In French, soixante (60) is the last iteration of ten to have its own word. Going higher, such as seventy is soixant dix (60-10), eighty is quatre vingt (4-20), 90 is quatre vingt dix (4-20-10).

How do you say 80 in Switzerland?

That gives septante (70), quatre-vingt (80) and nonante (90). On the contrary, the Swiss are consistent with the numerical logic and say septante (70), huitante (80) and nonante (90)!

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How do you say 80 in Belgium?

80 = quatre-vingt, Zut! For some reason this is still how you say 80 in Belgian French.

How do you say 70 80 in French?

Basic French Lessons

  1. 70 soixante-dix 71 soixante et onze 72 soixante-douze 73 soixante-treize.
  2. 74 soixante-quatorze 75 soixante-quinze 76 soixante-seize 77 soixante-dix-sept.
  3. 78 soixante-dix-huit 79 soixante-dix-neuf 80 quatre-vingt.

Why is French numbering weird?

To make things more difficult, large numbers in French are generally spoken as a whole rather than broken down into digits. … Phone numbers in France are said in pairs, so someone might tell you their number is zero six, trente-et-un, quatre-vingt-dix etc.

Does French 70?

France traditionally used the vigesimal system: Twenty (vingt) is used as a base number in the French language names of numbers from 70 to 99, except in the French of Belgium, Switzerland, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, the Aosta Valley and the Channel Islands.