Why does Father hesitant let Juliet marry Count Paris?

Why is Lord Capulet hesitant on marrying Juliet to Paris?

1.2: When Paris asks for Juliet’s hand in marriage, Lord Capulet tells him that Juliet is too young to get married. … In retrospect, Lord Capulet seems to think that marrying her when she was so young was a bad idea.) He also says he will not agree to let anyone marry Juliet unless his daughter consents to the match.

How does Juliet’s father react to Juliet’s reluctance to marry Paris?

What is Capulet’s reaction when he learns that Juliet refuses to marry Paris? He threatens to disown her from their family. What does the nurse tell Juliet she should do? Tells her to marry Paris because he’s better than Romeo and her marriage with Romeo is now over.

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What reasons does her father cite for postponing Paris marriage to Juliet?

Hence, the reasons Juliet gives to her parents for delaying the marriage to Paris is that she does not feel ready to marry and she does not like Paris; however, the real reason is that she is already married.

Why has Capulet denied a marriage between his daughter and Paris so far?

In this scene Lord Capulet talks to Paris about marrying his daughter Juliet. What two reason does he give for not wanting Juliet to marry at this time? That she is too young and that it is her choice because she is the only child left. Tells her dad she wants to marry him.

What does Capulet say to Juliet about marrying Paris?

Lady Capulet tells Juliet about Capulet’s plan for her to marry Paris on Thursday, explaining that he wishes to make her happy. … She rejects the match, saying “I will not marry yet; and when I do, I swear / It shall be Romeo—whom you know I hate— / Rather than Paris” (3.5. 121–123).

Why does count Paris challenge Romeo to a fight at Juliet’s tomb?

Paris challenges Romeo, in part, because he blames the young Montague for the death of his fiancée, Juliet. … In other words, Paris asks Romeo if he really means to continue the fight with Tybalt, even though Tybalt is already dead; Paris may anticipate that Romeo has come in order to desecrate Tybalt’s body.

Who does not think Juliet should marry Paris in Act III of Romeo and Juliet?

In act 3, scene 5, Juliet refuses to marry Paris. Lord Capulet , her father, tells her that if she doesn’t go to the church to marry Paris, he will “drag” her there himself. In fact, he says that he will drag her to the church “on a hurdle.”…

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What will Juliet do if she is forced to marry Paris?

If he can’t help her, she has resolved to commit suicide. Friar Lawrence has a solution: she should go along with her father’s plan, but when it’s time to marry Paris, Juliet will take a potion that mimics death. She’ll be placed in the Capulet tomb, where the Friar will bring Romeo to wait for her to wake up.

How does Juliet insult Paris without him knowing?

3. How does Juliet insult Paris without him knowing? … She says she loves Friar Lawrence, when Paris prompts her to tell Friar Lawrence how she loves Paris.

Why does Juliet argue with her father?

Juliet’s father thinks that marrying Paris will help his daughter stop her excessive grieving. … The argument about the marriage begins when Lady Capulet breaks the news to Juliet, and Juliet responds with a refusal: Now, by Saint Peter’s Church and Peter too, He shall not make me there a joyful bride.

Why does Juliet pretend to be obedient to her father how do her deceitful words make her situation more desperate?

Why does Juliet pretend to be obedient to her Father? So that her Father will believe she has changed and wants to obey him and that the Friar has convinced her to obey him. So he’ll also be happy with her.

What are Capulet’s two conditions for allowing Paris to marry Juliet?

Before Paris leaves, Lord Capulet promises that Juliet will be married to him on two conditions. The first condition is that they must be married on Thursday because Wednesday is much too soon to celebrate considering Tybalt’s recent death. The second condition is that the wedding must be small.

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What does count Paris want from Capulet?

Count Paris, a kinsman of the Prince, tells Capulet that he wants to marry his daughter, Juliet. Capulet’s a little reluctant to agree because his daughter is so young, but he tells Paris that if he can woo Juliet successfully, then he’ll grant him permission to marry her.

Under what conditions will Capulet agree to Paris?

Romeo and Juliet English 10H

Question Answer
On what condition will Lord Capulet agree to Juliet’s marriage with Paris?7 Juliet falls in love with him7
Why does Romeo agree to go to the party (lines 102-103)?8 because Rosaline will be there8