Why did the French government increase the taxes in 1774?

Why did the French government increase the taxes in 1789?

The French treasury was nearly empty when Louis XVI ascended the throne therefore in order to meet expenses like maintaining an army, court, running of government machinery etc. the he was forced to increase taxes.

What were the reasons to increase taxes in France?

King Louis XVI increased taxes in France because the economy of the country was deteriorating. France was under a huge economic debt. The huge expenditure in the war also forced the state to increase taxes.

Why did Louis XVI raise taxes?

Meanwhile, accusations of frivolity, extravagance and scandalous behaviour against the queen, Marie Antoinette, further discredited the monarchy. In 1789, to avert the deepening crisis, Louis agreed to summon the ‘estates-general’ (a form of parliament, but without real power) in order to try and raise taxes.

What was the reason of increased demand for foodgrains in France during 1715 and 1789?

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Big Famines for many years was the reason of increased demand for food grains in France during 1715 to 1789.

Why did Louis XVI increase taxes in France Class 9?

Louis XVI concluded to increase taxes because, the economy level in France was deteriorating. The France had to pay loans to those who helped France by giving money. … Their Army and many other things, because the lot of money is spent in the War of the colonies, show that Louis XVI increased the taxes in the France.

How did King Louis intend raise more money for France?

-King Louis XVI’s minister of finance believed in the theory of mercantilism. As an attempt to make France self sufficient, he wanted it to be able to manufacture everything it needed. He gave tax benefits to French companies and provided raw materials to the colonies.

What led to a rapid increase in the demand for foodgrains?

1)-The population of France rose rapidly from 1715 to 1789 ,which led to rapidly increase in the demand for food grains. 2)-Production of grains could not keep pace with the increase in population ,so the price of bread ,staple diet of majority was increased.

Which of the following factor is most responsible for increased demand for foodgrains in France in 1789?

Rapid industrialization of agricultural land.

What was the increment in the population of France during the period 1751 to 1789?

population of France rose from about 23 million in 1715 to 28 million in 1789 which led to a rapid increase in the demand for foodgrains.

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