Why did Prussia and Austria wanted to invade France?

July 25: Austria and Prussia threaten to invade France if any harm comes to the Royal Family. … Sans-culotte militants invade and pillage Tuileries, forcing the Legislative Assembly to suspend royal power and place the Royal Family under the “protection” of the National Assembly.

Why did Austria and Prussia go to war?

The war erupted as a result of the dispute between Prussia and Austria over the administration of Schleswig-Holstein, which the two of them had conquered from Denmark and agreed to jointly occupy at the end of the Second Schleswig War in 1864.

Why did Austria and Prussia declare war on France quizlet?

Revolutionaries wanted war because they believed that it would unify the country. They had a desire to spread revolutionary ideas across Europe. -Austria called a meeting to reestablish king Louis XVI which led France to declare war on Austria.

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Why did Prussia go to war with France 1870?

The French emperor, Napoleon III, declared war on Prussia on July 19, 1870, because his military advisers told him that the French army could defeat Prussia and that such a victory would restore his declining popularity in France. … The French generals, blinded by national pride, were confident of victory.

Did Prussia invade Austria?

Prussia invaded the neighbouring German states of Hanover, Saxony and Hesse on 15-16 June 1866. Italy declared war on Austria on 20 June 1866, forcing Austria to split its armies to defend its borders along two fronts. … An armistice was signed on 22 July 1866 bringing the war to an end.

Why were Austria and Prussia at war with France during the French Revolution?

Revolutionaries wanted war because they thought war would unify the country, and had a genuine desire to spread the ideas of the Revolution to all of Europe. On April 20, 1792, the Legislative Assembly (France’s governing body, formed in 1791) declared war on Austria.

Why did France declare war on Austria and Prussia in 1792?

– The King was hoping war would increase his personal popularity and make him stronger. – The Girondins wanted to export the Revolution throughout Europe and, by extension, to defend the Revolution within France. … Thus France under this circumstance it preemptively declared war on Austria (20 April 1792).

How did Austria and Prussia respond to the French Revolution?

After Austria refused to recall its troops from the French border and to back down on the perceived threat of using force, France declared war on Austria and Prussia in the spring of 1792; both countries responded with a coordinated invasion that was eventually turned back at the Battle of Valmy in September.

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Did Prussia invade France?

On 16 July 1870, the French parliament voted to declare war on Prussia; France invaded German territory on 2 August.

Franco-Prussian War.

Date 19 July 1870 – 28 January 1871 (6 months, 1 week and 2 days)
Location France and Prussia

Why didn’t Austria join the Franco-Prussian War?

Why didn’t Austria join the Franco-German War and what would’ve happened if they did? – Quora. The only reason for Austria to join the Franco-prussian war would be to get back at Prussia for the defeat min 1866. If Austria joined France in the fight against Prussia, Prussia would have a huge problem.

What wars did Prussia fight in?


  • First Northern War (1656–1660)
  • Franco-Dutch War and Swedish-Brandenburg War (1674–1679)
  • Great Turkish War (1683–1699)
  • Nine Years’ War (1688–1697)
  • Spanish War of Succession (1701–1714)
  • Great Northern War (1700–1721)
  • Austrian War of Succession (1740–1748)
  • Seven Years’ War (1756–1763)

Why was the alliance of France and Austria a diplomatic revolution?

The diplomatic change was triggered by a separation of interests among Austria, Britain, and France. … That acquisition had further advanced Prussia as a great European power, which now posed an increasing threat to Austria’s German lands and to Central Europe as a whole.

Did France win the war against Austria?

On This Day – France Declares War on Austria, Igniting the French Revolutionary Wars. … After almost ten years of conflict, the Republicans won the war in a victory that saw the survival of the French Republic and the signing of the Treaty of Amiens.

What was the major result of the war between Prussia and Austria?

The Austro-Prussian War was part of the wider rivalry between Austria and Prussia, and resulted in Prussian dominance over the German states. The major result of the war was a shift in power among the German states away from Austrian and towards Prussian hegemony.

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