Why did Lloyd George find it difficult to achieve his aims at the Paris peace negotiations?

Many British jobs depended on trade with Germany. … He did not want British people to lose their jobs, which might cause him to lose an election. Lloyd George faced a difficult challenge as the British public wanted to punish Germany harshly for the war in the Peace Treaty.

Why was Lloyd George dissatisfied with the Treaty of Versailles?

Lloyd George hated the Treaty, He liked the fact that Britain got German colonies, and the small German navy helped British sea-power. … He wanted reparations so high that Germany would be crippled and paying for ever – when the Germans defaulted in 1923, France invaded and took them in kind.

Why did Italy fail to achieve its aims at the Paris peace settlement?

They felt that Italy had done little to contribute to the Allied victory: its army had delayed and then bungled their attack on Austria-Hungary, its ships had not honored their promise to patrol the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas and its government had repeatedly asked the other Allies for resources that it then …

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What did Lloyd George want to achieve for Britain from the Paris peace negotiations?

Many people in Britain wanted revenge on Germany for WWI, including the hanging of the Kaiser as well as compensation payments. And so, Lloyd George went into the Paris Peace Conference prepared to accept a compromise peace. … He also wanted to disarm Germany and weaken its Navy to avoid a future threat to Britain.

Why was Lloyd George unhappy with the French demands?

To charge Germany huge ‘reparations’ to pay for the war and to rebuild the areas of France destroyed in the fighting (Wilson did not agree – he wanted much smaller reparations.) To some degree, Lloyd George was unhappy about ALL these things.

Why did Lloyd George not want a harsh Treaty?

Lloyd George still wanted to make Germany pay but he did not want to be too harsh on it. This may have been because France shared a border with Germany whereas Britain was only connected to Germany via the sea and so the threat was much greater and nearer to home for France than it was in Britain.

Did Lloyd George support the Treaty of Versailles?

Lloyd George was Britain’s senior representative at the Versailles settlement. He had put himself into a difficult political position. On the one hand, his public image was that Germany should be smashed and that those responsible for waging war should be held to account.

What happened to Italy at the Paris Peace Conference?

In Paris, the Italian departure threatened the entire conference, as the delegation from Germany was scheduled to arrive soon to receive their terms. … In the final Treaty of Versailles, signed in June, Italy received a permanent seat on the League of Nations, the Tyrol and a share of the German reparations.

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Why was Italy unhappy after ww1?

Italy was unhappy because they joined the Allies in WWI at the last minute, hoping to gain land after winning the war. However they didn’t get as much land has they wanted, and there was inflation, unemployment, and social unrest.

What was decided at the Paris Peace Conference?

The major decisions were the establishment of the League of Nations; the five peace treaties with defeated enemies; the awarding of German and Ottoman overseas possessions as “mandates”, chiefly to members of the British Empire and to France; reparations imposed on Germany; and the drawing of new national boundaries ( …

What did Lloyd George do?

As wartime Chancellor Lloyd George strengthened the country’s finances and forged agreements with trade unions to maintain production. In 1915, Asquith formed a Liberal-led wartime coalition with the Conservatives and Labour. Lloyd George became Minister of Munitions and rapidly expanded production.

What did Lloyd George want to achieve from the peace settlement of 1919 20?

What did Lloyd George want to achieve from the peace settlement of 1919-1920? Lloyd George wanted to protect British interests by ending the threat to the Navy and Empire. He had promised the British public to “squeeze the German lemon until the pips squeak”. To ensure that France did not become too powerful.

Who rejected Wilson’s 14 points?

The Germans rejected the Fourteen Points out of hand, for they still expected to win the war. The French ignored the Fourteen Points, for they were sure that they could gain more from their victory than Wilson’s plan allowed.

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Why was Lloyd George unhappy with Wilson’s Fourteen Points?

Lloyd George was also not impressed with Wilson’s demand for free access to the seas in peace or war. Britain’s blockade of German trade had been a key factor in winning the war. Wilson’s ideas would have made this impossible. … The war had created many new jobs in Britain, but now the war was over they would go.

Why did Lloyd George Favour a moderate peace settlement with Germany?

Wanted a Moderate Peace to aid their economy by trading with the Germans. They feared Germany would rise up in revenge if too harsh and lead to a secondary world war. Also they hated the communist and feared a weak Germany would fall to communism.

What did Wilson Lloyd George and Clemenceau want from the Treaty of Versailles?

They said that that the Treaty of Versailles should be just as tough on Germany. This was what Clemenceau (nicknamed ‘the Tiger’) wanted – a Treaty to punish the Germans. … Like most delegates, Lloyd George wanted to use the Treaty of Versailles to get advantages for his own country.