Why are there no swimming shorts in France?

In France, swimming shorts are not allowed to be worn in swimming pools by men. … You have to wear tight fitting teeny weeny Speedo style swimming trunks to the pool in France because its more hygienic. “Ladies knickers” my neighbour calls them or to give them their proper French name “slip de bain” or “un boxer”.

Why are swim shorts banned in France?

Originally Answered: Why are swimming shorts banned in France? They are not “banned in France” – they are banned from public swimming pools. Most public beaches don’t care. The main reason is that of hygiene – swimming shorts are often worn on the street too, and as such can be quite dirty.

Why do you have to wear trunks in France?

Why is it compulsory to wear tight-fitting swimming trunks in France? The French actually have two reasons for this swimming pool policy: hygiene and the environment. People often wear long swimming trunks as a pair of shorts. For example, you wear them to the beach or while walking through the city.

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Why are Speedos banned?

Alton Towers explained the ban was to “prevent embarrassment” and to “maintain the family friendly atmosphere”.

Can you wear swimming shorts in Italy?

It’s perfectly fine to walk around in your bathing suit (women generally wear bikinis, and men wear swim trunks). Wearing a one-piece bathing suit (women) or anything other than trunks (men) will lead to you being perceived as much older than your age.

Is it illegal to wear a Speedo?

Depending on how skimpy, yes you can be arrested for indecent exposure.

Is it illegal not to wear Speedos in France?

In most of France’s public swimming pools, loose-fitting trunks are forbidden – so Speedos are the order of the day. If your togs don’t comply, you won’t be allowed in for a dip.

Do swimming pools have to be fenced in France?

The law stipulates that in-ground swimming pools must be protected by an approved security device at all times.

What swimming shorts are allowed in France?

Men are not allowed to wear baggy swimming trunks or board shorts at most swimming pools and water parks, especially on campsites. You can wear Speedos or the slightly more flattering “Daniel Craig Speedos” and longer leg shorts if they are skin-tight.

Why are divers swimsuits so small?

So why are the divers’ bathing suits so small? Aerodynamics and comfort, basically. As a male diver, you will spend a lot of time twisting around in midair, and you don’t want your junk to fall out, or to get tangled in your suit while you’re somersaulting.

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When did swimmers stop wearing Speedos?

The regulations went into effect Jan. 1, 2010. Since their introduction in 2008 the suits, which cut down on fatigue and give swimmers more buoyancy and speed, have led to nearly 200 world records. Last year, 43 world records were set at last summer’s world championships in Rome.

What nationality is Speedo?

Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1914 by Alexander MacRae, a Scottish emigrant, the industry-leading company is now a subsidiary of the British Pentland Group. Today, the Speedo brand can be found on products ranging from swimsuits and goggles to wristwatches.

Is Speedo Australian owned?

SPEEDO, a company that originated in Australia (though it no longer is Aussie-owned) and is all but synonymous with the Aussie summer, was in its glory at the Sydney Games, reaping the benefits of worldwide headlines about its new sharkskin bodysuits.

Do Italians like the beach?

Italy has more than 4,000 miles of coastline, so it’s no surprise that it has more beaches than any other country in continental Europe. No part of the country is more than a two-hour drive from the Italian coast, and Italians love the beach lifestyle.

Do Europeans wear bathing suits?

Swimsuits may seem a little more skimpy here, especially for men. Many men wear little Speedo bottoms rather than swim trunks. … European men seem to be adopting that type of suit lately I’ve noticed, so you won’t feel out of place.

Why do you have to wear swimming caps in Italy?

Why is a swim cap compulsory in Italy? The Italians actually have the same reason for swim caps as the French have for making tight swimming trunks compulsory: hygiene. The idea is that by wearing a swim cap you keep flakes of skin, hairs and other dirt from your head out of the pool.

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