Who are the presenters on Tour de France?

Paul Burmeister will host daily pre-race and post-race studio coverage, along with former professional cyclist and analyst Christian Vande Velde and American Grand Tour champion Chris Horner. Former professional cyclist Adam Blythe, who retired in 2019, will serve as a reporter in France.

Who are the commentators on ITV Tour de France?

Commentators Ned Boulting and David Millar will guide you through the action with help from Matt Rendell, whilst Gary Imlach will host ex-pros Chris Boardman and Pete Kennaugh in the studio. Daniel Friebe will report from the ground with the latest from inside the race.

Who are the English commentators for the Tour de France?

Several years on from major generational change, Matthew Keenan, Bridie O’Donnell and Robbie McEwen are again providing the call for not just Aussie audiences – but the English language world feed of the Tour de France.

Who is the female cycling commentator on Eurosport?

Multilingual presenter, journalist, host of cycling on Eurosport & co-host The Cycling Podcast Féminin. Orla Chennaoui is a multilingual TV sports presenter (French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese), host and journalist with experience working in both hard news and sport.

Who is announcing the Tour de France 2020?

In the commentary box during live airings, we have Carlton Kirby, Rob Hatch, former British champion Brian Smith, and the legendary Sean Kelly. The quartet has three weeks to cover off as many well loved phrases as possible. In the studio Orla Chennaoui will be the lead presenter for 20-30 minute build-up shows.

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Who commentates the Tour de France 2021?

Philip Alexander Liggett MBE (born 11 August 1943) is an English commentator and journalist who covers professional cycling. He currently commentates on the Tour de France and bike races for ITV and NBC Sports, and was previously associated with Australia’s SBS.

What happened Matt Keenan?

Talent / Broadcasting / Matthew Keenan

In 2018, Matt will again join former Australian cyclist and three time Tour de France green jersey winner, Robbie McEwan, to lead the SBS official world feed of the Tour de France. … In addition to his international work, Matt’s voice is synonyms with Australia’s summer of cycling.

Is Phil Liggett married?

Roll is a former professional cyclist, competing as a Tour de France racer (he finished the event three times) and mountain bike competitor throughout his career. Roll continues to ride road and mountain bicycles recreationally. He is a native of Oakland, California and currently resides in Durango, Colorado.