Which nations were part of French Indochina in the 1800s quizlet?

French Indochina was split into three countries: Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Vietnam was to be temporarily divided along the 17th Parallel until elections could be held to unite the country. These elections were never held. The Vietminh established a communist state in the North led by Ho Chi Minh.

Which nations were part of French Indochina in the 1800s?

During the colonial era, French Indochina was made up of Cochin-China, Annam, Cambodia, Tonkin, Kwangchowan, and Laos. Today, the same region is divided into the nations of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Who controlled most of Indochina from the late 1800’s until World War II?

France governed Vietnam, known then as French Indochina, as one of its colonies from the late 1800s until Japan seized control of the region during World War II. In 1930, a young Vietnamese nationalist named Ho Chi Minh.

What was the French Indochina war quizlet?

In 1946, war broke out between communist insurgents in North Vietnam, called the Viet Minh, and the French Colonial government. … The defeat was so disastrous for the French that they decided to withdraw from Vietnam.

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Which nation ruled Vietnam from the 1800’s until WWII?

France had controlled Vietnam along with its neighbors, Cambodia and Laos, from the 1800s until WWII.

What are the countries in Indochina?

Indochina comprises five countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam. These coun- tries share natural resources centering on the Mekong River, which flows from north to south through the center of the Indochinese peninsula, and are closely related economically, culturally and historically.

What was the French control of Indochina?

France obtained control over northern Vietnam following its victory over China in the Sino-French War (1884–85). French Indochina was formed on 17 October 1887 from Annam, Tonkin, Cochinchina (which together form modern Vietnam) and the Kingdom of Cambodia; Laos was added after the Franco-Siamese War in 1893.

Who ruled most of Indochina in the 1800s?

The French Come to Indochina

Over a period of more than 350 years the French gradually extended their control over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

What two countries had controlled Vietnam?

In 1858 the French came to Vietnam. In 1893 the French incorporated Vietnam into French Indochina. France continued to rule until it was defeated by communist forces led by Ho Chi Minh in 1954. The country became divided into Communist North Vietnam and the anti-Communist South.

Why are the countries in mainland Southeast Asia called Indochina?

The term Indochina (originally Indo-China) was coined in the early nineteenth century, emphasizing the cultural influence of Indian and Chinese civilizations on the area. The term was later adopted as the name of the colony of French Indochina (today’s Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam).

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What countries or groups was the first Indochina War between quizlet?

May 7th, 1954. First Indochina War with French Union forces of the French Far East Expeditionary Corps against Vietnamese Viet Minh communist revolutionary forces. The battle lasted between March and May. French defeat, ended the war.

When did Indochina gain independence France?

Crisis Phase (September 2, 1945-December 18, 1946): Ho Chi Minh, leaders of the provisional government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, proclaimed Vietnam’s independence from France on September 2, 1945.

When did the French arrive in Vietnam?

Vietnam became a French colony in 1877 with the founding of French Indochina, which included Tonkin, Annam, Cochin China and Cambodia. (Laos was added in 1893.) The French lost control of their colony briefly during World War II, when Japanese troops occupied Vietnam.