Which country in Africa speaks the best French?

Which country speaks the best French?

Here are a few of the best French-speaking destinations to visit (that aren’t France).

  • Luxembourg. …
  • Madagascar. …
  • Martinique. …
  • Rwanda. …
  • Senegal. …
  • Seychelles. …
  • Switzerland. …
  • Vanuatu.

Which African country speaks French English?


This country located in central Africa has one of the highest literacy rates on the continent and is known as “Africa in miniature” due to its diversity. With over 200 linguistic groups, the official languages are French and English.

Which African country has the best accent in English?

Uganda. Uganda comes at number one in the list of African countries where people speak the best English.

Do Africa speak French?

Of this total, 21 states are located in Africa, which represents half of the world’s French speaking states and territories. There are no French speaking territories in Africa, as most are located in the Americas, Oceania, and Europe.

French Speaking Countries in Africa.

Rank Country Population
21 Seychelles 92,900
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Which country has most French speakers?

Unsurprisingly, France boasts the highest number of native French speakers, although it’s not the most populous country to have French as an official language. The Democratic Republic of Congo has a population of 77 million, compared to 62 million in France.

Which African country has the most French speakers?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has the largest concentration of French speakers in all of Africa, and has the largest population of any country with French as the official language. This means that even France doesn’t contain as many Francophones as this former Belgian colony.

Does Congo speak French?

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, with over 200 languages spoken in the country. While French is the official language and widely used in education and government, there are four national languages: Kikongo (Kituba), Lingala, Swahili, and Tshiluba.

Do Nigerians speak French?

SOMETIMES I wonder if Nigerians are aware that the English language is not the only official language of our country Nigeria. Officially, French has been the second official language in this country for the past 19 years. …

Where is the most beautiful country in Africa?

With so many different sides to it, Morocco is definitely one of the most spectacular countries to visit in Africa.

Which country in Africa is the most educated?

Which country has the most educated population in Africa?

  • Equatorial Guinea. Equitorial Guinea emerges the most educated country in Africa in 2021. …
  • South Africa. According to cnbc.com, South Africa was the most educated country in Africa in 2019. …
  • Seychelles. …
  • Mauritius. …
  • Libya. …
  • Botswana. …
  • Cape Verde. …
  • Zimbabwe.
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Which is the beautiful country in Africa?

1. South Africa: South Africa, a densely populated and notable country is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. It is well known for its serene environment and numerous attractions to cities in the Country.

Do South Africa speak French?

French has been taught and learned in South African classrooms for decades, even though it isn’t one of the country’s official languages. The language doesn’t carry the same colonial stigma as it does in other African countries such as Côte d’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

What is the most spoken language in Africa?

While Arabic is the most spoken language in Africa, there’s plenty more – other popular languages include Amharic, Berber, Portuguese, Oromo, Igbo, Yoruba, Zulu and Shona.

When did Africans begin speaking French?

As a result of French and Belgian colonialism from the 16th century onward, French was introduced to new territories in the Americas, Africa and Asia. Most second-language speakers reside in Francophone Africa, in particular Gabon, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritius, Senegal and Ivory Coast.