Where is it sunny in France?

The city of Marseille in the Bouches du Rhone takes top spot as the sunniest place in France, according to figures provided by Meteo France*. The city has 2,801 hours (264 days) of sunshine a year.

What part of France is sunny?

The weather in Frejus, South France, is a typical Mediterranean climate, with long hot summers and mild winters. What makes Frejus distinct however, is the amount of clear sunny days the town enjoys. Typically, Frejus enjoys over 2,690 hours of sunshine a year, making Frejus the sunniest places in France.

Is it usually sunny in France?

Spring rainfall is still plentiful, but summers are more likely to be warm and dry. Here sunny days are plentiful throughout the fall. … France’s Mediterranean coastline rejoices in hot summers and it’s usually very mild throughout winter too.

Is France sunnier than England?

This area of Europe is all in a temperate climate zone. Britain has a maritime climate; France is more continental. So south of the Loire river France is most certainly warmer and sunnier.

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How many days of sunshine does south of France have?

You can expect around 300 days of sunshine a year in the South of France, but the region covers a diverse area and the weather in South of France can vary considerably within its borders.

Where is it warm in France?

The warmest place in France is the French Riviera coast in Southern France. With average summer temperatures well above 30oC (80oF) and long dry summers and warm springs and autumns and mild winters, the South of France is the place to experience the best climate in France throughout the year.

Where are the micro climates in France?

One of the best microclimates in France is the coastal port town of La Rochelle, which can enjoy more sunshine than parts of the Côte d’Azur, despite the milder summer temperatures. In general, the area a 30km radius around La Rochelle has a benign micro-climate.

How is summer in France?

Summers are warm, with some thunderstorms, and winters are cold. Temperatures can drop below 0 degrees Celsius and, in the mountains, are frequently accompanied by snow. In the South, the climate is Mediterranean. Summers are hot and winters mild and dry.

Why is the weather so bad in France?

Like many places on Earth, France has weather conditions that are strongly influenced by barometric pressure: low pressure tends to leave France open to the influence of the Atlantic airstream, bringing with it clouds and rain; but when a ridge of high pressure builds up over the heart of western Europe, a large part …

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Is it summer in France right now?

The dates of the four seasons in France

Winter will end on Friday, March 19, 2021. Spring will take place from Saturday 20 March to Sunday 20 June 2021. Summer will take place from Monday 21 June to Tuesday 21 September 2021.

Where is the sunniest city in Europe?

Many of Europe’s sunniest cities rim the Mediterranean, or are located nearby. Valletta, the capital of Malta, an island nation south of Italy, outshines all others with 2957 hours of sun on average a year.

Sunniest Cities in Europe.

City Hours of Sun
Valletta, Malta 2957
Marseille, France 2858
Lisbon, Portugal 2799
Athens, Greece 2771

What is the sunniest place in Europe?

Europe’s sunniest place is also Valletta, which averages 2,957 hours of sunshine a year, making it a good place for a city break. The next sunniest is not Greece or Spain, as you might expect, but Marseille in France with 2,858 hours.

What is the sunniest country in the world?

Yuma, located in western Arizona near the borders with Mexico and California, is the only place on earth confirmed to bask in more than 4000 hours of sunshine a year. Altogether 90 percent of the daylight in Yuma is sunny.

10 Sunniest Countries on Earth.

Country United States
Place Yuma, Arizona
Year 4015
Day 11.0

What is the best city in France to live?

Best Places to Live in France

City Reason
1 Paris Best for nightlife
2 Brittany Best for affordability
3 Lyon Best for food and drink
4 Montpellier Best for families
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What city has the best weather in France?

Top 5 Sunniest Places in France

  • Marseille. Located between the Mediterranean and the Alps, the climate in Marseille is characterised by long, hot summers, mild winters and lots of sunshine. …
  • Corsica. …
  • Nice. …
  • Montpellier. …
  • St Tropez.

Does it rain in French Riviera?

Introduction. The climate of the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur), the French coastline that goes from Marseille to Menton (near the border with Italy), is Mediterranean, with mild, relatively rainy winters and warm, sunny summers. We are in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.