Where in Paris is Spiral set?

Advertisement. For instance, In Seine-Saint-Denis, the troubled department to the north of Paris that is the setting for season six of Spiral, the council of Bobigny, a local town, was accused in a television documentary in November of subsidising community associations run by drug dealers.

Which part of Paris is Spiral set?

Series 8 (2021)

Ali (Tewfik Jallab) takes a regular role. Scenes are set in the new Paris courts in the Batignolles district. Broadcast on BBC Four began in the UK on 2 January 2021.

Where is Spiral 7 filmed?

Even though series six of Spiral has only reached its half-way stage on BBC Four, thanks to our chums over at Scanoir we were alerted to the fact that a seventh series has started filming in France.

Where is Spiral 8 filmed?

The production is to last five months and will once again use Paris as a backdrop. It’s been confirmed that rapper Kool Shen is to appear in this eighth series.

How accurate is Spiral the TV series?

It is not really accurate to describe this as a ‘police’ investigation series, because under the French system, judges, magistrates, and prosecutors work side by side with the detectives on a daily and hourly basis, and this is what makes this series so fascinating.

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Where in France is Spiral filmed?

Spiral is known for its watch-through-your-hands crime scenes, so gruesome that Berthaud’s colleagues occasionally vomit upon seeing them. Proust explains that much of the series is filmed around this patch of eastern Paris and its neighbouring, run-down suburbs.

Why was Spiral Cancelled?

The cast and crew of Spiral may also have wanted to move onto other things as well after so long, which spelled the end for the show. Actress Proust told Figaro Magazine last year about being keen to move onto new projects which may also have signalled the end of the show.

Can Caroline Proust speak English?

“The public fell in love with Laure and needed to see her,” the 53-year-old French actress says to me on the phone from her home in Paris. Proust’s English is fluent, although heavily accented, and happily she’s a lot more voluble than Laure.

What happens to Pierre Clement in Spiral?

Certainly, Spiral is not averse to killing off major characters unexpectedly; many of us still shed a tear for Grégory Fitoussi’s Assistant Prosecutor Pierre Clément (known in this household as ‘Lovely Lovely Pierre’), tragically stabbed to death by his own client.

Is Caroline Proust married?


Year Title Role
2013 The Tunnel Anne-Marie Delgado
2014 Death in Paradise Emily Benoit
2016 Le premier coup
Supermarket The woman

How many episodes are there in Spiral 1?

WILL SPIRAL BE ON NETFLIX? Spiral is not on Netflix, and there is no indication that Spiral will be streaming on Netflix any time soon. Spiral is a Lionsgate film, and Lionsgate currently has a deal with Hulu and FX—meaning it’s more likely that Spiral will be on Hulu someday, not Netflix.

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Is Engrenages popular in France?

“Spiral,” a French crime series originally called “Engrenages,” is a huge hit in France, as well as on BBC Four in Britain, and it has found a devout American following on Netflix, which offers the first three seasons.

Will there be a 9th season of spiral?

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# Name Air Dates
7 Episode 7 Sep 28, 2020
8 Episode 8 Sep 28, 2020
9 Episode 9 Oct 5, 2020
10 Episode 10 Oct 5, 2020