Where does the earth wire go in a French plug?

Do French plugs have an earth?

French (type E, CEE 7/5 socket, CEE 7/6 plug) … The earth connection is made by an earth pin which protrudes from the socket, and engages with a hole in the plug (there are no side earth strips). The protruding earth pin means that the plug can only be inserted one way around, just like UK plugs.

Which side of a French plug is live?

Electrics and wiring in plugs in France

These are a brown one (live), a blue one (neutral), and a yellow and green one, which is the earth. The brown wire (live) always goes to the live side of the plug, where the fuse is found.

Why do European plugs not have an earth?

This was because on a room where there was earth in form of water or other earthed equipment it was not safe to use an unearthed equipment. A fault could cause a shock between live wire and earth which could be fatal.

What Colour is the earth wire in France?

Earth conductors – These are always green/yellow in France, as in the UK. Live conductors – These are con- sidered to be the most important in the UK and are coloured either red or brown. In France, they are usu- ally red, but black is an alternative, with orange and violet being used for switched live wires.

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Why does my plug have no earth wire?

As the wire is made of copper, the earth wire provides a low resistance path to the ground. … Some appliances, such as vacuum cleaners and electric drills, do not have an earth wire. This is because they have plastic casings, or they have been designed so that the live wire cannot touch the casing.

Does a two pin plug have an earth wire?

For a three wire plug with an earth pin, the green wire should be earth (ground). There is no earth wire in a two-pin plug.

What are the wires in a plug?

The plug contains three wires – the live, neutral and earth wires. In a plug, the live wire (brown) and the neutral wire (blue) are the two wires that form the complete circuit with a household appliance. The earth wire (green and yellow) does not normally form part of the circuit and is included as a safety wire.

Do European plugs have live and neutral?

The European system has one live leg carrying 230V with reference to ground, a neutral (the system ground), and a safety ground. Consequently, the European 230V system is wired similar to North American 125V house wiring. Note: EAC requires the CEE 7/7 plug be used for 16A applications.

What appliances need an earth wire?

Many electrical appliances – including cookers, washing machines and refrigerators – have metal cases. You would get an electric shock if the live wire inside an appliance, such as a cooker, came loose and touched the metal casing.

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Do American sockets have an earth?

Many appliances in the USA and elsewhere have two-prong plugs because they are “double insulated.” The third prong is for ground fault protection except where outlets have been designed with protective shutters on the current-carrying slots that are opened by the ground prong.

Are all UK sockets earthed?

Whilst all UK sockets should be earthed, there is no harm in checking this. That way you can be sure that you are getting the full earthing effect from your products. Our UK earthing products will fit and test any UK socket as well as all International sockets when combined with the relevant earthed adapter.

Can I do my own electrical work in France?

Electrical installations should only be carried out by qualified, registered electrical contractors for your own safety. For information about setting up your electricity supply read Electricity in France.