Whats a BTS in France?

The Diploma of Advanced Technician, named “Brevet de technicien supérieur” (BTS) in French, is a two-year post-secondary national professional degree. It is usually prepared in an advanced technician section during four semesters after the “Baccalauréat” or after an education or a diploma deemed to be equivalent.

What is BTS and DUT in France?

The DUT* (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie) and the BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) are two diplomas that allow high school students to do short studies after obtaining their baccalaureate.

What is HND equivalent in France?

Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS)

It is a two-year professional course, the equivalent of a HND (Higher National Diploma) in the UK, and the French title means just that.

What is DUT education?

The “Diploma in Technological Studies”, named in French “Diplôme universitaire de technologie” (DUT), is a two-year post-secondary national university diploma. It is usually prepared in a university institute of technology (IUT).

Do BTS have degrees?

Popular K-pop band group BTS’ members Jimin and V have graduated from Global Cyber University, in South Korea. … V and Jimin graduated in August 2020 with degrees in Entertainment & Media. Apart from their degrees, the two singers were presented with the university’s President’s Award.

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Is BTS a bachelor degree?

BTS is a 3-year Degree Programme. The programme is of 96 credits. The BTS Programme is designed for those students who are interested in pursuing a career in travel and tourism sector at different level. …

What is the equivalent of a French BTS in UK?

The BTS is a level III diploma in the French diploma system (equivalent to level 5 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland).

What is French equivalence?

French Translation. équivalent. More French words for equivalent. le équivalent noun. worth, counterpart, tantamount.

What I can do after HND?

Therefore, after completing the HND, students can generally enter into the third year of specified Degree programs (also called Top-up degree completion). Professional guidance would help students to choose right HND which lead to the right degree program where their capabilities and desires are matched.

Can I do PGCE at DUT?

We are currently offering a PGCE in the following TWO phase specialisations: Further Education and Training Phase: Grades 10 to 12. Senior and Further Education and Training Phase: Grades 7 to 12.

How many points do you need to study at DUT?

A minimum of 30 points excluding Life Orientation. 2x approved languages one of which must be English. Students who matriculated before 2008 must have either a “D” symbol on the Higher Grade or a “C” symbol on the Standard Grade for English. Students who matriculated after 2008 must have a“ Level 4” pass in English.