What trees grow in Paris?

What kind of trees are around the Eiffel Tower?

This typically Parisian natural retreat reproduces a “Belle époque” garden that draws its richness on its variety of flora. It boasts over 60 varieties of trees including weeping willows, cedars, and horse chestnuts; 20,000 shrubs; and 2,000 perennials that offer a natural background during all seasons.

What is the most popular tree in France?

This amazing oak in Allouville-Bellefosse, Seine-Maritime, is the most famous tree in France. At least 1,000 years old, 15 metres high, and 16 metres in circumference, it hosts two chapels inside its giant trunk: Notre Dame de la Paix, and the Chambre de L’Ermite.

What type of trees are in Paris?


Nr Tree species Location
1 Robinia pseudoacacia (Black locust) Square Viviani, Paris
2 Acer sempervirens (Cretan maple) Jardin des Plantes, Paris
3 Quercus macrocarpa (Bur oak) Jardin des Plantes, Paris
4 Platanus orientalis (Oriental plane) Park van Monceau, Paris

Are there trees in Paris?

There are no less than 484,000 trees in Paris!

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This makes Paris one of the most treed cities in Europe and here we’re only counting the «public» trees. … trees in the bois de Boulogne et Vincennes (300 000) for a total of 160 species.

What trees line Paris streets?

These Trees are Horse Chestnuts, and they line both sides of the street and go as far as the eye can see.

What are the square trees in Paris?

The square is noted for being the site of the oldest planted tree in Paris. The Robinia pseudoacacia, a species commonly known as a locust tree, is believed to have been planted by its namesake, Jean Robin (1550–1620), in 1601; if so, it has now been standing on the rive gauche for over four hundred years.

What is the national tree of France?

The oak is France’s national tree, and a common symbol of strength and endurance.

Which trees grow in France?


Atlas cedar Lebanon cedar American fir
Mediterranean fir Nordmann’s fir French alpine juniper
Common Larch Exotic larch Aleppo pine
Arolla pine Black pine Maritime pine
Mountain pine (pinus uncinata) Mountain pine (pinus mughus) Weymouth pine

Which trees are native to France?

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  • Common Juniper (Juniperus communis)
  • Common Yew (Taxus baccata)
  • Swiss Pine (Pinus cembra)
  • Mountain Pine (Pinus mugo)
  • Black Pine (Pinus nigra) 1 comment.
  • Mountain Pine (Pinus uncinata)
  • Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)
  • Silver Fir (Abies alba)

Why is Paris lined with trees?

The most widely held theory is that Napoleon ordered that French roads be lined with trees so that his troops would be able to march the length and breadth of the country in the shade.

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Do palm trees grow in Paris?

Yes, they have Palm trees in Paris and Versailles and in Museums. Most of them are potted and they protect them in the winter months with canvas.

What trees line the Champs Elysee?

The Champs-Élysées’ name is French for the mythical Greek paradise, the Elysian Fields. It was originally a mixture of swamp and kitchen gardens. André Le Nôtre, Louis XIV the Sun King’s gardener, first designed the wide promenade lined with a double row of elm trees on each side, called the Grand Cours.

Do sycamore trees grow in France?

A common site along quays, promenades and roads in southern France are rows of sycamore trees. In the spring before their leaves grow, they display knobby, bulbous limbs after years of pruning. These ornamental plane trees were created in Oxford, England, during the 16th century.

Why is Paris famous for its boulevards?

The Boulevards of Paris are boulevards which form an important part of the urban landscape of Paris. The boulevards were constructed in several phases by central government initiative as infrastructure improvements, but are very much associated with strolling and leisurely enjoyment in the minds of Parisians.

How many trees are in London?

London has more than 8 million trees, covering around 21% of the capital’s land area.