What role did the middle class play in bringing about social and economic change in France explain?

What was the role of the middle class in the French Revolution?

The middle class played a significant role in guiding the French Revolution as they possessed the belief in national unity. Explanation: … Thus, they were the ones who initiated mass campaigns and spread awareness among the lower-classes about their rights which ended up being the directions for this revolution.

Who were the middle class in French society?

In the eighteenth century, many persons who belonged to third estate and earned their wealth through overseas trade and manufacturing goods, were termed as middle class. It was a new social group, which also comprised of court officials, lawyers and administrative officials.

How did the middle class emerged in the French society Ideas role of philosophers?

Answer: The middle class gave a platform to the people who were fighting against the increasing taxes and food shortage. They were encouraged by the beliefs of equality and democracy proposed by English and French socio-political philosophers.

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Who were the middle class class 9?

Explanation: Middle class refers to the groups of people who have an average income. They constitutes people like teachers, lawyers, professional, professors, merchants, etc. The middle class came to be recognised significantly in the society with the French Revolution of 1789 and the Liberal Revolution in 1848.

What is the role of middle class?

“The functions of middle class include the introduction of new products and innovations, reproduction of expert labor, and perhaps, support to long-term peace and stability in society” (xiii).

What was the role of middle classes in ending the privilege?

The middle class earned wealth through expanding overseas trade, manufactured goods, and exported goods. The third estate included professions such as lawyers and administrative officials. The third estate was intellectual and prosperous. The group believed that privileges should not be by birth rather by merit.

What is middle class in France?

Similarly, the middle class have an income level (US$ 20,000) similar to the OECD average. However, the poorest 10% of the French population have an income of almost US$ 9,000 per year – about 25% higher than the average for OECD countries. •

How did the social classes change after the French Revolution?

The Revolution ended the feudal privileges of the nobles. Serfs were freed. Mandatory offerings to the Church were ended and the government changed from a religious (divine right of kings) to a secular (consent of the people) foundation.

Who were the middle class what was their belief?

Answer: Middle Classes – The Thinkers. They wanted change in France, and they were the people with ideas for what France should look like. More separation between Church and State, fairer taxation, a constitutional monarchy.

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How does the middle class emerge?

The eighteenth century witnessed the emergence of social groups, termed the middle class, who earned their wealth through an expanding overseas trade and from the manufacture of goods such as woollen and silk textiles that were either exported or bought by the richer members of society.

Who were the middle class in eighteenth century France What ideas did they believe in?

Middle class was a social group that had earned their wealth through overseas trade and manufacture of goods. It included professionals as lawyers or administrative officials. They were educated and believed that: (i) no group in the society should be privileged by birth.

How did middle class earn their wealth?

Answer: In the 18th century, middle class was a social group who earned their wealth through an expanding overseas trade and from the manufacture of goods such as woolen and silk textile. In addition to merchants and manufacturers it also included lawyers and administrative officials.

What role did Louis XVI play in bringing about the revolution class 9?

Answer Expert Verified. Louis XVI adopted the policy of not raising taxes, and taking out international loans which included the funding of the American Revolution. This increased France’s debt and eventually put pressure on the governemnt. … The revolution gave rise to new system of government.

How did the middle class acquire wealth?

In medieval European feudal society (8th–12th centuries), a “middle class” composed primarily of peasants who formed a new “bourgeoisie” based on the success of their mercantile ventures, eventually overthrew the ruling monarchists of their society and ultimately led to the rise of capitalist societies.

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