What percent of the French Foreign Legion is French?

About 16 percent are French nationals who join posing as citizens of other French-speaking countries, such as Belgium or Canada. Legionnaires can apply for French citizenship after their first three years of service and about 80 percent do so eventually.

How many French are in the Foreign Legion?

Today, with a strength of approximately 8,000 men, the Foreign Legion is one of the French army’s preferred units for overseas service. It saw action in the Persian Gulf War of 1990–91 and has since been sent often to Africa, as well as to Southeast Asia, the Balkans, and Afghanistan.

Do French Foreign Legion get French citizenship?

Yes. A foreign legionnaire can apply for French nationality after three years of service. … This is generally granted, subject to having a good way of serving and having proven its willingness to integrate into the French Nation.

Are French Foreign Legion Special Forces?

The French Foreign Legion aren’t special forces, per se, but they maybe more closely align with U.S. Army Rangers. We are a first-reaction type force that will go in and take over an airport, for example.

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What happens if you desert the French Foreign Legion?

If caught you ll be subjected to 2000€ fee to up to 3 years in jail depending of the situation, and of course all those territories are going to be of limit for you for the test of your life!

Can you join the French Foreign Legion without speaking French?

What’s really interesting about the FFL (French Foreign Legion) however, is that despite amazingly tough physical and mental requirements, one cannot join unless one learns to speak French, fast, very fast. New recruits are given about 4 months to learn – operational – French. Whoever can’t do it, is asked to leave.

How much does French Foreign Legion pay?

But how much do new members of the French Foreign Legion get paid? The starting salary for a new Legionnaire is 1,380 Euros per month.

Can married men join French Foreign Legion?

Unlike France’s regular armed forces, the Foreign Legion is a male-only unit. And during the first five years of service, a legionnaire is banned from marrying. “They make sure there are no problems with adultery, jealousy and/or divorce,” Edward said.

Do you lose your citizenship if you join the French Foreign Legion?

Unless things radically change between the US and France, you won’t lose your citizenship involuntarily* for joining any component of the French military.

Can you leave the French Foreign Legion?

yes. After selection to Rouge(accepted volunteers) you are signing pre-contrat for 4 months-Basic-which can be prolonged to one year by “authorité militaire ”. Before this you can leave anytime,just ask for it.

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Why do legionnaires carry axes?

The Legion Pionniers distinguish themselves by their specific and unique dress uniform : Axe (French: Hache): serves to destroy obstacles of wood dressed by the enemy.

Does the French Foreign Legion accept deserters?

The Legion used to accept anyone — criminals and misfits especially — with no questions, but now there is a thorough screening process. … Men with criminal records, shady business dealings, or deserters from their home country’s armies were accepted into the ranks, with no questions asked.

What do you eat in the French Foreign Legion?

French Army ration packs when in the field/combat. Contracted fresh food supplied in garrison, either local or shipped in. Fresh bread when available; cheeses; wine ration. I remember a lot of stews and casserole type main entrees in garrison.

How long can you serve in the French Foreign Legion?

The initial contract is for 5 years. At the end of this first contract, the legionary can choose to continue his career by means of successive contracts whose duration varies between 6 months and 5 years.