What metaphor does the nurse and Lady Capulet use to describe Paris?

Lady Capulet uses an extended metaphor to describe Paris as a beautiful book of love. How does Shakespeare use the character of the Nurse?

What is the metaphor used to describe Paris?

Juliet’s mother wants to talk about Paris because Juliet will “behold him” (line 81), or see him, at their feast later that night. How do the Nurse and Capulet’s Wife describe Paris? The Nurse uses a metaphor to refer to Paris’s good looks, calling him “a man of wax” (line 77).

How do both the nurse and Lady Capulet describe Paris?

6. Lady Capulet describes Paris’s face as a precious book of love. Paris is “valiant, a man of wax, a flower.” Lady Capulet and Nurse describe Paris in terms of his physical appearance and his strong character. The cumulative effect is almost overwhelmingly positive.

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What does Lady Capulet compare Paris to in her metaphor?

“This precious book of love, this unbound lover, … By comparing Paris to a book, Lady Capulet is implying that only Juliet can serve to complement Paris’ unique personality that exudes love.

How does the nurse describe Paris in Romeo and Juliet?

The nurse describes Paris as “a man of wax” meaning that he’s as handsome as a statue, and then she enthusiastically agrees with Lady Capulet’s description of him as a “flower.” But to wax means to swell (as in a waxing moon) and to flower means to sprout.

What is Paris discussing with Capulet and Lady Capulet?

Late on Monday evening, Capulet and Paris discuss how Juliet’s grief over Tybalt’s death has prevented Paris from continuing his courtship of Juliet. Suddenly, as Paris prepares to leave, Capulet offers him Juliet’s hand in marriage.

What metaphor does the nurse use for Paris on pg 45?

As far as she’s concerned, Paris is just an incredibly good-looking young man, the kind of man that Juliet should be falling over herself to marry. So the nurse describes Paris in terms that would suggest absolute physical perfection. He is not just “a man of wax,” but also “a very flower.”

Why do the Nurse and Lady Capulet feel about Paris?

The nurse is the closest person to Juliet. … The nurse wants to see Juliet get married. Lady Capulet wants her to marry someone of nobility, and she feels that Juliet is old enough to get married and wants her to consider Paris.

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What is the comparison in the extended metaphor explain the features of Paris that Lady Capulet emphasizes in her comparison?

In a metaphor, Juliet’s mother compares Paris to a book. She emphasized the look of happiness on his face, the look of knowledge in his eyes, and the look of mystery to him.

Does the nurse like Paris?

The Nurse recognizes that Juliet shows no interest in Paris’ courting and is the only member of the older generation to take Juliet’s feelings into consideration…that is, until she suddenly betrays Juliet’s trust by saying that she should marry Paris.

What does Lady Capulet compare to Paris?

This is the beginning of an elaborate and elegant metaphor in which Lady Capulet compares Paris to a book and Juliet to its cover.

What does Lady Capulet think of Paris?

Lady Capulet refers to Paris as “valiant” and handsome. In act 1, scene 3 she tells Juliet that she will, if she studies Paris’ face, “find delight writ there with beauty’s pen.” She also tells Juliet that by marrying Paris she will “share all that he doth possess.” Paris happens…

What good qualities does Paris have according to Lady Capulet?

What merits does Paris have according to Lady Capulet? He is brave, smart, handsome, and a gentleman.

What does the nurse see in Paris?

What does the nurse see in Paris, and what does it reveal about her attitude toward love and marriage? The nurse is more interested on the looks for men than their personality and inner beauty. lady Capulet’s lines 82-95 are an extended metaphor – in this case, between Paris and a book that needs to be bound.

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What does the nurse tell Juliet about Paris?

He tells Juliet that she can either marry Paris or be thrown out onto the streets. After her parents leave, Juliet asks the Nurse for advice on what to do. The Nurse tells her she should forget Romeo and marry Paris.

What does Lady Capulet think of nursing?

Lady Capulet is a flighty, ineffectual mother: she dismisses the Nurse, seeking to speak alone with her daughter, but as soon as the Nurse begins to depart, Lady Capulet becomes nervous and calls the Nurse back.