What major problem did Britain face after winning the French and Indian War?

The British thought the colonists should help pay for the cost of their own protection. Furthermore, the French and Indian War had cost the British treasury £70,000,000 and doubled their national debt to £140,000,000. Compared to this staggering sum, the colonists’ debts were extremely light, as was their tax burden.

What problems did the British face after winning the French and Indian War?

The conclusion of the french and indian war strained british and colonial relations due to issues of land acquisition such as the proclamation of 1763 and the Quebec act, political changes such as the end of salutary neglect and trivialization of existing colonial government, and economic burdens stemming from …

Which problem did Britain face at the end of the French and Indian War quizlet?

The result was the Treaty of Paris,which was an agreement which the British gained most of the French land in North America. What problems did Britain face after the French and Indian War? Huge debt to pay for war and new land to defend.

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What problem did the British face after the Seven Years War?

After the Seven Years War, the British were facing massive debt due to the loans taken during the war to fund it. Although it gained a lot of land due to the war, this land was hard to manage and initially caused them to lose money. In order to solve this problem, the British began to heavily tax the American Colonies.

What challenges did the French and British colonists face?

Faced with sickness, disease, malnutrition and retaliatory attacks by the Indians, the colony was brought to the brink of extinction. In May 1610, Sir Thomas Gates belatedly arrived with more than 100 survivors from Bermuda.

What challenges did the British Empire face?

Britain faced economic problems because of the cost of the war, and it was becoming harder to run the Empire. In addition to the mounting cost of running the empire, President Roosevelt tried to encourage Britain to give freedom to its colonies in Africa.

What problems arose from British acquisition of the Ohio Valley territory at the end of the French Indian war select two?

Remaining French and Native American settlers in the Ohio Valley and the threat posed to British financial resources from colonists eager to settle in this territory are two of the main problems associated with Britain’s acquisition of the Ohio Valley territory.