What is website called in French?

The French translation for “website” is site internet. The French, site internet, can be broken down into 2 parts:”site” (site) and “internet” (internet).

How do you say home website in French?

The French translation for “homepage” is page d’accueil.

What does the French word domain mean?

1. (= field) domaine m. 2. (= area of influence) zone f (d’action)

What is software called in French?

logiciel, le ~ (m) Noun. software, le ~ (m) Noun.

What is name Domaine?

A domain name is a unique, easy-to-remember address used to access websites, such as ‘google.com’, and ‘facebook.com’. Users can connect to websites using domain names thanks to the DNS system.

What does Domaine mean wine?

In French, the word domaine is defined as both a “field” and an “area of control.” When used in connection with wine, the word combines both to mean a parcel of land under the control of a wine maker.

What is domain literature?

The domain of literary theory lies between those of general. esthetic theory on the one hand and of applied or practical. rhetoric on the other; that is, it is concerned primarily with. the problems raised by the consideration of literary activity as. a whole, but these problems widen into those of artistic activity.

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What is a synonym for software?

synonyms for software

  • operating system.
  • program.
  • spreadsheet.
  • freeware.
  • groupware.
  • shareware.
  • application software.
  • bundled software.

What is software developer in French?

French Translation. développeur de logiciels.

How do you name a website?

Here’s how to get the perfect domain name

  1. Make it easy to type.
  2. Keep it short.
  3. Use keywords.
  4. Target your geographic area.
  5. Avoid numbers and hyphens.
  6. Be memorable.
  7. Research it.
  8. Use an appropriate domain name extension.

What is a website name example?

A domain name (often simply called a domain) is an easy-to-remember name that’s associated with a physical IP address on the Internet. … For instance, the domain name example.com might translate to the physical address 198.102. 434.8. Other examples of domain names are google.com and wikipedia.org.

How do I get a web name?

Anyone can buy a domain name. To do so, you visit a domain name registrar, such as A2, GoDaddy, or Namecheap, key in the domain you want to buy, and pay a fee. You can’t buy just any domain, of course—only one that isn’t already registered by another person or business and that bears a valid domain suffix.