What is Troy’s attitude towards Lyons?

What is Troy’s attitude toward Lyons? How does he reveal his attitude? Annoyed by Lyons asking him for money repeatedly. Reveals this by refusing to give him money.

How does Troy feel about Lyons?

Troy resents Lyons’s requests for money, since they result from Lyons’s refusal to get a “real” job. But perhaps because Troy missed Lyons’s childhood, Troy begrudgingly feels he must support Lyons now.

Why is Troy upset about Lyons?

Troy acts like he isn’t happy to see his son. He says that he thought Lyons would be in jail, since a place where Lyons plays music got raided by the police. Lyons says he was just playing music, not gambling.

Why does Lyons stop by Troy’s house?

Why did Lyons stop by Troy’s house? Rose didn’t want Troy to hand her money anymore, now she’d tell him to leave it on the table and she’s get it later. How did the money situation change in the house? What do we find out about Cory and school?

What fences exist between Lyons and Troy Do you think Troy loves Lyons?

What “fences” exist between Lyons and Troy? Do you think Troy loves Lyons? The fences that exist between Lyons and troy is the relationship and love between them.

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What is Lyons attitude towards his father?

Even though Troy won’t even take the time to come see Lyons play music (the real pride of Lyons’s life), Lyons still seems to respect his father. The almost easy going relationship between Lyons and his father is starkly different from the tense rivalry between Cory and Troy.

What happens to Lyons at the end of fences?

Cory returns home from the Marines in his uniform. Lyons also comes home to go to the funeral. His girlfriend, Bonnie, broke-up with him and he has been forced to do time at the workhouse because he was caught illegally cashing other people’s checks.

Why does Lyons want Troy to go see him play at the club?

Lyons enters the scene, and Troy is surprised to see him, since he thought Lyons had been jailed after reading that one of the clubs he frequents was raided for gambling. Lyons defends himself, saying that he doesn’t gamble, and that he only attends that club to play music with his band.

What has troy done that makes Cory so mad?

Troy asserts his manhood and role as father by forcing the respect issue with Cory who disrespectfully refuses to say “excuse me” to his father. Troy insists that Cory leave the house and provide for himself since he does not respect him as the man of the house and the breadwinner who provides for Cory.

How did Troy betray Cory?

Troy do not want his son Cory’s life to be like him, but yet he raised him to be an independent man like his was. Troy denys Cory’s chance to a football tryout because he believes that his son will experience his disappointment in the industry.

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