What is the plural form of French?

Generally, the plural of French nouns and adjectives is formed by simply adding an “s” at the end. Just like in English! The definite articles le, la and l’ (the) become les (the) in the plural. The indefinite articles un and une (a) become des (some) in the plural.

What is the plural of he in French?

Vous = you (plural or for stranger or people older than you) Il = he. Elle = she. On = one/we. Nous = us.

What is the plural of one in French?

With masculine singular nouns → use un. With feminine singular nouns → use une. With plural nouns → use des.

Is vous plural or singular?

1 Using subject pronouns

Singular Meaning Plural
je (j’) I nous
tu or vous you vous
il he it ils
elle she it elles

Is on in French singular or plural?

“On” always takes a “il” verb form (3rd person singular). Say “on est“, “on va“, “on parle“. We would NEVER say “on sommes” or “on parlons”. “On” never takes a “nous” verb form, even when it does mean “nous”.

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Should I use Les or Des?

Grammar jargon: Les is the plural definite article; Des is the plural indefinite article. These articles are used with countable nouns (things you can count, like dogs, as opposed to mass nouns for things like milk which use partitive articles instead.)

What is the plural form of Le Fils?

Singular nouns ending with ‘s’, ‘x’ or ‘z’ do not change at plural: le fils / les fils (the son / the sons)

What is the plural of La chose?

The plural form of chose is choses.

Is vous always plural in French?

In a nutshell, tu is informal and singular, while vous is formal and/or plural. That is, if you’re talking to more than one person, it doesn’t matter what your relationship is – you always need vous.

How do you say you have plural in French?

Secondly, ‘vous’ is also classed as the ‘plural’ way of saying ‘you’. That means if you’re speaking to more than one person, be it two people or a group of a million people, you must always address them as ‘vous’.

What goes after Je vous?

French subject pronouns

singular plural
1st person je* nous
2nd person tu vous
3rd person il ils
elle elles

What is the plural of Je suis?

Verb tables: Etre

Person Present (I am) Future (I will be)
1st Singular. je suis je serai
2nd Singular tu es tu seras
3rd Singular il / elle / on … est il (..) sera
1st plural nous sommes nous serons

What does tu mean in France?

The words tu and vous both mean you. In English, the word you can be used to address any person or number of people, whatever the age, social status etc of that person. In French, which word for you is used depends on the person being addressed (spoken/written to).

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Is deers plural?

noun, plural deer, (occasionally) deers. any of several ruminants of the family Cervidae, most of the males of which have solid, deciduous antlers. any of the smaller species of this family, as distinguished from the moose, elk, etc.