What is the perfect tense of Vouloir in French?

What are the forms of Vouloir?

The verb vouloir has its own conjugation pattern.

  • je veux.
  • tu veux.
  • il/elle veut.
  • nous voulons.
  • vous voulez.
  • ils/elles veulent.

How do you use Vouloir in French?

The French verb vouloir is frequently used to politely ask for something in French. Je voudrais téléphoner s’il vous plaît. – I would like to make a phone call, please. Voulez-vous m’aider, s’il vous plaît? – Will you help me, please?

What is the present tense of Vouloir in French?

Vouloir Conjugation: Present Tense

je veux
il/elle veut
nous voulons
vous voulez
ils/elles veulent

What is the meaning of Vouloir?

Translation of “vouloir” in English. Verb. want to. want. wish.

Does Vouloir take subjunctive?

When used with que, vouloir becomes vouloir que (“to want to”), which introduces a dependent clause that uses the French subjunctive. … Thus, it fulfills the subjunctive’s basic requirement of expressing actions or ideas that are subjective or otherwise uncertain. Je ne veux pas que tu lui dises.

How do you use Vouloir in passe compose?

In Le Passé Composé, the verb vouloir (to want) has an irregular past participle: voulu. Here are some examples to listen to: J’ai toujours voulu visiter Paris. I’ve always wanted to visit Paris.

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How do you use Vouloir in a sentence?

Listen to these sentences:

  1. Je veux un petit frère. I want a little brother.
  2. Tu veux de l’eau? Do you want some water?
  3. Il veut une glace. He wants an ice cream.
  4. Nous voulons une nouvelle voiture. We want a new car.
  5. Vous voulez une glace? Do you want an ice cream?
  6. Ils veulent manger des frites. They want to eat chips.

Is the verb Vouloir regular?

Pouvoir is an irregular -ir verb. On peut le faire !

How do you conjugate Vouloir in Conditionnel?

‘vouloir’ is the model of its conjugation.


tu aurais voulu
il, elle, on aurait voulu
nous aurions voulu
vous auriez voulu

Does Vouloir take DE?

First, we will take a look at the 8 most common meanings of vouloir. Then, we will learn the 9 key conjugations of vouloir. Unless you aim to speak at a Shakespearean level, you won’t really need the tenses and moods that are not on the list.

Conjugating Vouloir in the Imperative Mood.

Tu veuille
Vous veuillez

Is Je veux correct?

Always “Je voudrais” when you want something. It’s more polite and acceptable. “Je veux” is used when you talk with friends.