What is the past tense of have in French?

What is hace in past tense?

Hacer conjugation: basic forms

Subject Present Preterite
él, ella, Usted hace hizo
nosotros hacemos hizimos
vosotros hacéis hicisteis
ellos, ellas, ustedes hacen hicieron

What tense is have in French?

French Past Conditional

The English past conditional is formed with the verbs ”would have” + the past participle of the main verb, while in French it’s formed with avoir or être in le conditionel présent+ the past participle of the verb.

Is Je suis aller past tense?

Aller is one of the verbs that forms the past tense with être. Remember that for feminine forms we add ‘e’ to the end of the past participle allé, and for plural forms we add ‘s’. Je suis allé au cinema hier soir. – I went to the cinema last night.

How do you use hace?

The first way uses the formula:

  1. Hace + time + que + present tense form of the verb. Hace un año que estudio español. …
  2. Hace + time + que + no + present tense form of the verb. Hace un año que no estudio español. …
  3. Present tense form of the verb + desde hace + time. …
  4. No + present tense form of the verb + desde hace + time.
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What is the meaning of hace?

HACE (plural HACEs) (medicine) Initialism of high-altitude cerebral edema.

Should French have tense?

You need the conditional tense for “should”. This takes the form “nous aurions” for “we should have”. Just going to have to learn the endings for conditional tenses, and the irregular stem for “avoir”. Also, informally, you could say “on aurait” which can mean the same thing when chatting among friends.

How do you say do you have in French formal?

More French words for Do you have …? Do you have …?

How to say Do you have …? in French.

do you have do you get me
do you have a boyfriend do you have a girlfriend
do you have animals do you have any money

What is Le Verbe Aller?

Aller is one of the most common and useful French verbs and has irregular conjugations in most tenses and moods. Aller literally means “to go” and is required to create the near future.

What tense is Allais?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Imperfect
tu vas allais
il va allait
nous allons allions
vous allez alliez

What tense is Il Fera?


je ferai
il/elle fera
nous ferons
vous ferez
ils/elles feront