What is the meaning of Fu in French?

[fu ] Word forms: fou, folle [fɔl ], devant un nom masculin commençant par une voyelle ou un h muet fol. adjective. 1. (= dément) mad ⧫ crazy.

What is kung fu in French?

volume_up. kung fu {noun} fu. Montre-nous du kung-fu !

What is fou in English?

adjective. crazy [adjective] very enthusiastic. She’s crazy about her boyfriend. crazy [adjective] insane.

What language is fou?

Wiktionary lists “fou” [1] as meaning “Crazy”, which most likely comes from the French word “fou” [2] meaning “crazy”. The French word is said to come from the Old French “fol” [3] that means “mad, insane, foolish, silly”.

Is there a word Fou?

Other definitions for fou (2 of 2)

crazy; foolish.

What is je m’en Fous?

Translation of “je m’en fous” in English. Adverb Other. I don’t care.

What is a Foy?

Definition of foy

chiefly Scotland. : a farewell feast or gift.

What is a Folle?

noun. [ masculine-feminine ] madman , crazy/insane person , lunatic.

What is the feminine of Blanc?

blanc (feminine singular blanche, masculine plural blancs, feminine plural blanches)

What is the feminine of MOU in French?

Masculine: mou. Feminine: molle. Noun: la mollesse (but we don’t use it often)

What is the feminine of SEC?

sec (feminine seca, masculine plural secs, feminine plural seques)

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