What is the French word for lesson?

What is lesson called in French?

[ˈlɛsən ] teaching a subject) leçon f. The lessons last forty minutes each. Les leçons durent quarante minutes chacune. a maths lesson une leçon de maths.

How do you say French lesson in French?


  1. The lessons last forty minutes each. …
  2. a maths lesson une leçon de maths.
  3. a French lesson une leçon de français.
  4. a piano lesson une leçon de piano.
  5. to take piano lessons prendre des leçons de piano.
  6. to take lessons in sth prendre des leçons de qch.
  7. to give lessons in sth donner des leçons de qch.

What is the lesson DT in French?

Senior Member. The subject (matière) is called Technologie.

How do you say private lessons in French?

“private lessons” in French

  1. volume_up. cours particuliers.
  2. volume_up. leçons privées.

What is German lesson?

Unterricht; Stunde; Schulstunde; Unterrichtsstunde; Kurs; Lehre.

What is the meaning of student in French?

student → étudiant; étudiante; élève.

What subject is SVT in French?

“SVT stands for “Sciences de la vie et de la Terre” (= science of life and the Earth) and is a subject taught starting in the last 2 years of French primary schools.

What subject is EPS?

French Phrases: Names of school subjects in French

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tronc commun tʁõ kɔmæ̃ core subjects
biologie bjoloʒi biology
chimie ʃimi chemistry
enseignement scientifique ɑ̃sɛnjmɑ̃ sjɑ̃tifik general science, =dual-award science
EPS1 øpeɛs PE, sport and physical education