What is the feminine version of difficile in French?

How do you make Aimable feminine?

Masculine adjectives that end in a silent e

Masculine and feminine forms are spelled and pronounced in the same manner, as follows: aimable (kind, pleasant) célébre (famous)

Is Leger masculine or feminine?

The French translation for “light (feminine singular)” is légère.

Is amiable masculine or feminine?

amiable {adjective masculine/feminine}

amicable {adj.}

What is the masculine form of moderne?


masculin féminin
plus moderne plus modernes moins moderne moins modernes plus moderne plus modernes moins moderne moins modernes
le plus moderne les plus modernes le moins moderne les moins modernes la plus moderne les plus modernes la moins moderne les moins modernes

Is voiture masculine or feminine?

Others are always feminine, like une voiture (a car), une maison (a house), and une école (a school). And some words are the tricksters of the bunch, taking on different meanings with different genders, like livre, which is a book when masculine but a pound when feminine!

What is the feminine of SEC?

sec (feminine seca, masculine plural secs, feminine plural seques)

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What is the feminine form of Leger?

Meanings of “feminine form of léger” in French English Dictionary : 1 result(s)

Category French
1 Common légère [adj]

What is the meaning legerdemain?

Definition of legerdemain

1 : sleight of hand displays legerdemain with cards and coins. 2 : a display of skill or adroitness a remarkable piece of diplomatic legerdemain— Anthony West.

Is difficile an adverb?

For example, take the feminine adjective difficile and add -ment to the end to make an adverb that means “with difficulty.”

What is the feminine form of Bon in French?

Another important distinction from English is that French adjectives must agree in gender and number with the noun they’re modifying. So, possible variations of bon include: bonne (feminine), bons (masculine plural) and bonnes (feminine plural).

What is the difference between Le and Les in French?

With masculine singular nouns → use le. With feminine singular nouns → use la. … With plural nouns → use les.

What is the opposite of ancien in French?

here is your answer. Explanation: modern, new.

Is especial masculine or feminine?

In this case, these adjectives remain the same for both masculine and feminine nouns. When pluralizing these adjectives, just add -es.

Adjectives that end in everything else.

Un día especial. A special day.
Una fiesta especial. A special party.
Los hombres inteligentes. The intelligent men.