What is the difference between Parisian French and French Canadian?

Is Canadian French same as Parisian French?

Québécois (someone from Québec) and Français (someone from France) share the same basic grammatical rules, so if someone from Canada and someone from France were both to write the same letter, the letter would read exactly the same due to both of them using standard French in writing.

How different is Canadian French from European French?

Canadian French has different vocabulary, idioms, slang, cultural references, and expressions that may be unfamiliar to those who speak European French. However, the largest difference is pronunciation, so much so that Canadian and European French are not always mutually intelligible.

Can a French person understand Canadian French?

Canadian French speakers can easily understand the French spoken in France (Metropolitan French) since formal Quebecois French is quite similar. But the problem for European French speakers comes when Canadians speak a more colloquial version of their language.

Why does Canadian French sound so bad?

Laurentian French speakers shorten high vowels such as i, u, and ou, affecting the way certain words sound. … This breaking up and elongating of vowels is very distinct to the French spoken in Canada. Take these for example: The third major difference lies in the nasal vowels, of which there are four in French.

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Is it French Canadian or Canadian French?

Canadian French (French: français canadien) is the French language as it is spoken in Canada.

Canadian French
Official language in Canada New Brunswick Northwest Territories Nunavut Quebec Yukon United States Maine (de facto) New Hampshire

Why is Canadian French different?

The two main differences between Metropolitan French and Canadian French are pronunciation and vocabulary. French in Canada differs from French in France because of its history and geographic location. … This might sound odd to someone from Metropolitan France, who would be used to hearing “Bienvenue” as a greeting.

Is Québec different from French?

The standard French that French people in both France and Quebec learn in school and speak most of the time is the same language. There are some differences in accents and some minor vocabulary differences, very analogous to the differences between standard American English and the standard RP that’s spoken in the UK.

Is Québec French Old French?

In the 17th and 18th centuries, during the European colonization of the Americas, the French royalty sent Parisians to populate la Nouvelle France (New France, aka Quebec, Canada). … However, nearly 95% of the population holds French as either their first or second language alongside English…a bilingual haven indeed!