What is the difference between Beau and Belle in French?

Beau/belle is the most common way to say “beautiful” in French. Beau describes a masculine noun, and belle describes feminine noun. … After all, normally in French, when an adjective modifies a singular noun, it stays the same if the nouns is masculine, or an “e” is added if the noun is feminine.

What is the meaning of Beau and Belle?

Belle is a noun for a gorgeous female, sometimes signified as the most gorgeous at a particular gathering. It is pronounced like bell. It comes from French and is the feminine version if beau. Beau is French and literally means handsome or beautiful in the masculine form.

What is the meaning of the French word belle?

From French belle (“beautiful”), from Latin bella.

Where BEL is used in French?

The masculine forms bel, nouvel and vieil (used in front of a vowel or a mute h) become the regular masculine plural beaux, nouveaux andvieux.

Is Beau French?

Beau means “handsome” in French. Pronounce it the same way the French do, with a long o: “boh.” The word recalls more innocent times, when gentleman courted their ladies and skirts barely rose above ankle level.

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What is the male version of Belle?

Note that “beau” is the masculine form and “belle” is the feminine.

Is Belle a French name?

“The beautiful,” from the French belle, the feminine form of beau, meaning “beautiful.” In general use, the most attractive, beautiful, or popular girl in a given place or on a given occasion.

Does Belle mean girlfriend?

belle Add to list Share. A belle is a young woman singled out for being more attractive and charming than other women, as in the phrase belle of the ball.

What is the feminine of beau in French?

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masc before cons. masc before vowel feminine
beau bel belle
nouveau nouvel nouvelle
vieux vieil vieille
fou fol folle

Is Belle French or English?

From French belle (“beautiful”), from Latin bella.

What is the opposite of Belle in French?

The opposite of belle in French is chien.

What is the meaning of La Vie Est Belle?

French quote la vie est belle translation in English Life is beautiful.

What is Beau plural?

noun. ˈbō plural beaux ˈbōz or beaus.

Is Belles plural in French?

The plural form of belle is belles.

How do you make Beau plural?

The plural form of beau is beaux or beaus.