What is Shapo in French?

noun, plural cha·peaux [sha-pohz; French sha-poh], cha·peaus. a hat. … a representation of a low-crowned hat with a turned-up brim, usually of a different tincture, used either as a charge or as part of a crest.

What does Shapo mean?

Definition of shapo

: a wild sheep of Kashmir and Tibet that is a variety of the urial.

What does chapeau mean in writing?

1. the introductory text appearing in a treaty or agreement that broadly defines its principles. 2. used to express appreciation.

How do you use chapeau in a sentence?

Chapeau sentence example

  1. A classic fedora, a saucy sailor’s cap, or a delicate chapeau clipped to a lady’s coiffure. …
  2. Different styles of party hats can be worn straight on the head, cocked at an angle, or even layered for an outrageous celebratory chapeau . …
  3. Some Templar units wore a kettle-hat, called a chapeau de fer.

Is chapeaux masculine or feminine?

The gender of chapeau is masculine. E.g. le chapeau.

How do you spell hats off?

hats off (to someone)

A phrase used to express congratulations to someone. (The removal of one’s hat is typically a gesture of respect.)

How do you spell khaki pants?

Kids Definition of khaki

  1. 1 : a light yellowish brown cloth used especially for military uniforms.
  2. 2 khakis plural : a pair of pants made of khaki.
  3. 3 : a light yellowish brown.
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What is chapeau in law?

plural. chapeaus or chapeaux. DEFINITIONS1. the introductory text appearing in a treaty or agreement that broadly defines its principles.

What is manteau mean in French?

Definition of manteau

: a loose cloak, coat, or robe.

Why do cyclists say chapeau?

‘Chapeau’ translates as ‘hat’ but it means far more. Used to indicate respect for a fellow cyclist’s efforts, achievement or endeavour Chapeau! is a spoken doffing of the cap. Respect and encouragement are qualities we admire in cyclists.

What is the plural of Chapeau?

chapeau (plural chapeaus or chapeaux) A hat.

What are shorts in French?

Wiktionary: shorts → caleçon, culotte, short. shorts → slip, caleçon, culotte.

Is hair in French feminine?

Hair in French is either le cheveu (one strand of hair) or, more commonly, les cheveux: the le makes it masculine.

What is un blouson?

Translation of “un blouson” in English. a jacket. a car coat.