What is seize French in English?

What is seize French?

[ˈsiːz ] transitive verb. 1. (= take hold of, grab) saisir.

What language is seize?

French translation of ‘seize’

Is Trois a French word?

three [number] the number or figure 3.

What does the French word cause mean?

The term is a French phrase in common usage in English. … In French, cause means, here, a legal case, and célèbre means “famous”.

What is Dix French?

dix → ten; noun.

What is the number Douze in French?

douze Noun. douze, le ~ (m) (douzaine) dozen, the ~ Noun. twelve, the ~ Noun.

What is the etymology of seize?

seize (v.) mid-13c., from Old French seisir “to take possession of, take by force; put in possession of, bestow upon” (Modern French saisir), from Late Latin sacire, which is generally held to be from a Germanic source, but the exact origin is uncertain. … Or perhaps from Proto-Germanic *satjan “to place” (see set (v.)).

What is the origin of the word seizure?

The word seizure is derived from the Greek meaning “to take hold.” The earliest description of seizures according to a review of the historical literature is found in the Sumerian documents dating back to around 2500 BC from Mesopotamia.

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What is the number 15 in French?

Numbers in French: 1-20

Number In French Pronunciation
12 douze dooz
13 treize trez
14 quatorze kah-TOHR-z
15 quinze cans

What Trois means?

: an arrangement in which three people (such as a married couple and a lover of one member of the couple) have a sexual or romantic relationship especially while they are living together.

What does it mean to seize something?

1 : to take possession of by or as if by force Invaders seized the castle. He seized the lead. 2 : to take hold of suddenly or with force …

What language is the word Dix?

Dix: translate French – English.

What is to in French?

The French translation for “to” is à.

How do you spell cause in French?

French translation of ’cause’

  1. 1. [ of accident, cancer] cause f. cause and effect la cause et l’effet.
  2. 2. (= reason) raison f. to have no cause to do sth ne pas avoir de raison de faire qch. cause for concern. There is no cause for concern. …
  3. 3. (= aims) cause f. to make common cause with sb faire cause commune avec qn.