What is play music in French?

French Translation. jouer de la musique.

What is the French name for music?

La musique

music la musique
beat le temps
movement le mouvement
rhythm le rythme
song une chanson

How do you say I like to play music in French?

“j’aime beaucoup la musique”

What is mean by play music?

a to reproduce (a tune, melody, piece of music, note, etc.) on an instrument. b to perform works by (a specific composer) to play Brahms. 12 to discharge or cause to discharge.

What is French for piano?

More French words for piano. le piano noun.

How do you say types of music in French?

21 French Music Type Names

  1. la musique classique – classical music.
  2. l’opéra (m) – opera music.
  3. la musique country – country music.
  4. la musique folklorique, la musique traditionnelle – folk music.
  5. le jazz – jazz.
  6. le funk – funk.
  7. le hip-hop – hip-hop.
  8. la musique pop – pop music.

What is the French term for pop music?

French Translation. musique pop.

How do you say I like rap in French?

Translation of “you like rap music” in French

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J’ignore si vous aimez le rap, mais…

How do you say we like chocolate in French?

‘J’aime le chocolat’ but ‘Je mange du chocolat. ‘ to like = aimer, to want = vouloir, to have = avoir.

Why do we say play music?

We use the verb “play” with musical instruments because it’s appropriate. Music brings joy. It shouldn’t feel like work to play a musical instrument.

What is musical play example?

The definition of a musical play is a theater production with many songs and dances that provide the story. An example of a musical play is Hairspray.

What do you call something that plays music?

instrumentalist. noun. someone who plays a musical instrument.