What is opposite of Bonne in French?

« Bon » is an adjective (so it gives information about a noun and it can change : bon / bonne / bons / bonnes) and is the opposite of « mauvais » (that also changes : mauvais / mauvaise/ mauvaises).

What is the opposite of loin de in French?

Explanation: pres is the opp. word for loin…….

What is the opposite of merci in French?

In French, it is clearly the opposite. Sometimes, the French say “Merci, non,” which helps to clarify the situation, especially when accompanied by a hand raised in a negative gesture. Often, though, the accompanying body language is missing.

What is the opposite of Entre in French?

The word entre is a French and Spanish adverb meaning between, and a French verb meaning to enter. Here’s a list of antonyms for enter. “The dog would chew through the screen door and exit the house.” “He would leave politics after realizing that he was a rather unpopular figure.”

What is the opposite of entre?

clear disappear
stay away be absent

What is the opposite of Avant?

Opposite of at the highest level of development at a particular time. old-fashioned. antiquated. archaic.

Why do French people say mercy?

The word came into early French as mercit or merci with much the same meaning as was later passed on to our Modern English word mercy. But while mercy in English now has the meaning “kindness or pity shown to someone,” the word merci in French has lost much of that meaning and is chiefly used today to mean “thank you.”

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What do you say after Merci beaucoup?

Merci Beaucoup = Thanks a lot. Another option is “De rien” which means its nothing. “De rien”. “Merci beacoup” means “thank you very much” so you would say “You’re welcome” back.