What is normal unleaded petrol in France?

SP95 is the standard unleaded in Europe, with 95% octane. Petrol with higher octane content (SP98) is recommended for high-performance engines which put the fuel under more pressure before it is ignited, usually found in more sporty models.

What is unleaded petrol in France?

You can buy unleaded (sans plomb) in either 95 or 98 octane, or diesel. … Diesel is less expensive than unleaded petrol (gas) in France. Both are a tad cheaper than in the UK, a whole lot more expensive than in the US. Gas stations on the highways are usually the most expensive.

Is unleaded 91 normal petrol?

Standard unleaded petrol is 91. … The ethanol-blended E10 (a mixture of up to 10 per cent ethanol in petrol) is a substitute for 91 in most cars 2005ish or newer. However, it pays to check your user manual. Those numbers – 91, 95 and 98 – are the so-called ‘octane rating’ of the fuel.

Is unleaded 95 normal?

Normal petrol – i.e. unleaded – has a 95 octane rating. Most cars built for the UK market have been calibrated to work best with 95 petrol.

Is Shell V Power petrol unleaded?

Shell V-Power Unleaded Fuel delivers our very best performance with up to 4% more power3. Shell V-Power Unleaded formulation is boosted and now contains 3 x more cleaning and friction reducing additives⁶.

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What is the difference between 95 and 98 petrol?

The main difference between 95 petrol and 98 petrol is ‘knock’ resistance. … 95 petrol works as well, but if your engine is powerful, it will use higher pressures that 95 petrol may not be able to withstand. If you want to be on the safe side, 98 petrol will offer your engine better protection.

What is unleaded petrol called in Europe?

Premium Unleaded (95 RON)

Although it’s called premium, this is actually the standard unleaded petrol available across Europe and is suitable for almost all petrol engines.

What’s the difference between unleaded 91 and 98?

What’s the difference between 91, 95 and 98 petrol? These numbers represent the octane rating (RON) of the fuel. Australia’s current standard fuel is 91 RON and most cars sold since 1986 were built to use it effectively. Ninety-five and 98 have a higher RON and are considered premium fuels.

What is the difference between 91 and 95 petrol?

Types of Petrol & their Differences

An octane rating is a measure of how much heat and pressure a fuel can withstand before igniting. … Unleaded petrol means 91 octane fuel is okay to use, premium unleaded means you need to use at least 95, and if the fuel flap indicates 98, you need to use 98 octane fuel.

Is special unleaded 91?

Special Unleaded 91 (91 OCTANE) helps to improve: Fuel economy.