What is meant by the Reign of Terror Why was it established in France?

Reign Of Terror was the period between 1793-1794. This was the period when Maximillian Robespierre ruled France. Robespierre followed a rule of strict punishment and policy. He guillotined anyone whom he thought were a threat to him and his party.

What is meant by the reason of terror Why was it established in France between 1793 94?

The Reign of Terror, commonly called The Terror (French: la Terreur), was a period of the French Revolution when, following the creation of the First Republic, a series of massacres and numerous public executions took place in response to revolutionary fervour, anticlerical sentiment, and accusations of treason by the …

What was the Reign of Terror in France Class 9?

The period from 1793 to 1794 in France is called the Reign of Terror. Robespierre, the head of the Jacobin Club, followed the policy of severe control and punishment. Clergymen, nobles and people who were considered enemies to the republic were guillotined.

What do you mean by reign of terror?

Definition of reign of terror

: a state or a period of time marked by violence often committed by those in power that produces widespread terror.

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What was the Reign of Terror why did it happen?

Reign of Terror lasted from September 1793 until the fall of Robespierre in 1794. Its purpose was to purge France of enemies of the Revolution and protect the country from foreign invaders.

How did the reign of terror affect the French Revolution?

The Reign of Terror was a dark and violent period of time during the French Revolution. Radicals took control of the revolutionary government. They arrested and executed anyone who they suspected might not be loyal to the revolution. The French Revolution had begun four years earlier with the Storming of the Bastille.

What is the reign of terror quizlet?

Slide 2: What was the Reign of Terror? This was a period during the French Revolution, in which rebels of the government regulations were executed in large numbers. This dictatorial rule of the government had people killed with unfair trials. Christianity was abolished and statues of a young girl “Reason” replaced it.

Which period is known as the Reign of Terror and why?

The period from 1793 to 1794 was referred to as the ‘Reign of Terror’ because of the following reasons: Maximilian Robespierre followed a policy of severe control and punishment. Any person who did not agree with his policies was guillotined.