What is Mar in French?

What does the word mar mean in French?

[ˈmɑːʳ ] transitive verb. (= spoil) gâcher ⧫ gâter.

What is the meaning of Marc in French?

(mɑːk , French mar) noun. 1. the remains of grapes or other fruit that have been pressed for wine-making.

Is La Mar French?

“La Mer” (English: “The Sea”) is a song by French composer, lyricist, singer and showman Charles Trenet.

Does Mar Mean Ocean?

“mar” comes from the Latin “mare” meaning “sea.” The Romans often called the Mediterranean “Mare Nostrum” or “our sea.” It probably has an indo-European root as it seems to be related to “more” the Slavic word for “sea” (it also shows up in place names like Pomerania coming from “po more” “by the sea.”)

What is the Menstruum?

Definition of menstruum

: a substance that dissolves a solid or holds it in suspension : solvent.

What is Merc?

informal. a person hired to fight for a foreign army; a mercenary.

What is Library Mark?

MARC is the acronym for Machine-Readable Cataloging. It defines a data format by which computers exchange, use, and interpret bibliographic information, and its data elements make up the foundation of most library online public access catalogs used today.

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Is Mar in Spanish feminine?

Spanish mar “sea” can indeed be both masculine (el mar) and feminine (la mar)—see for example Resultados para mar en un diccionario . Yes, there is a difference in connotation and usage. la mar — “the sea” (fem.)

Who wrote the French song La Mer?

à la mer : by the sea.

What is Mar in Latin?

(Latin: sea; ocean)

What is Mar Spanish?

mar verb. injure, harm, hurt, damage, impair, wound, deface, disfigure, mutilate, spoil.

What words have Mar in them?

11 letter words containing mar

  • marketplace.
  • supermarket.
  • camaraderie.
  • demarcation.
  • aftermarket.
  • hypermarket.
  • marginalize.
  • marshmallow.